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Travel planning and consulting

Through our travels we have become very astute in planning trips to France and Italy.

From planning our own itineraries, to research, to planning either sole or group events, we soon found ourselves helping friends and friends of friends with their trips. The positive feedback of how a little up front planning made all the difference led us to start Marcus Travel Planning.

If you are considering a trip to Italy or France, and have spent some time on the Internet you will know there is an insurmountable amount of information available. Through our fee-based travel planning services we can help to sort through the mass information into what is needed to plan an extraordinary trip. Use our experience and knowledge and avoid the hit or miss approach when planning it on your own.

Time is a valuable element for all of us, whether it is excessive time planning a trip, or losing valuable vacation time by not selecting the right itinerary. As experienced travel planners, we can save you time and money and hopefully turn a good trip into a great trip .You will find that the up front cost for a consultation or concierge service will be a good investment in your overall trip cost.


After many years of traveling to Italy and France we have found that a little planning goes a long way.

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