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One of the many questions we receive frequently is regarding buying a managed VPS or an unmanaged VPS hosting account. In this report, we will explain the major differences between these two options.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

An unmanaged VPS solution is the VPS account is in your full control. If you do not have the knowledge to setup, manage, and operate a web server, you probably should go with a managed VPS solution that provides an excellent control panel such as cPanel or Plesk that make operating a web server a far less daunting task.

The golden rule for unmanaged VPS hosting is this: If you have a problem with your unmanaged VPS account, it is your problem. If the problem is software related, resource related, performance related, need troubleshooting or configuration of software, or need general help understanding Unix or server applications, you are on your own and should not expect help from the web host.

Should you experience a problem down the line with your unmanaged VPS, you will need to make sure you fully understand Unix, the control panel you choose, and how to maintain your VPS to ensure reliability, uptime, and server stability.

If you are developing real time systems, then unmanaged servers can help you a great deal. The applications using the response system like the one used in science or engineering can make use of unmanaged VPS hosting in a best way. When there are no skilled technicians to take over the charge of your server administration, it is always a best decision to go for unmanaged VPS hosting.

With unmanaged VPS hosting, the cost is also much cheaper. It is not uncommon to find $10 unmanaged VPS plans because the web host does not have to pay for a cPanel or Plesk license and are able to minimize costs. Also, since the web host does not provide software and account support for an unmanaged VPS, the host also saves money on customer support. In the end, you ll have VPS hosting that is typically $20-30 cheaper than a managed VPS solution.

Managed VPS Hosting

If you have little knowledge about how web servers work, understand little about Linux or Windows with web hosting, or generally do not want to worry about the specifics and just want to use the power of a VPS with your websites, a managed VPS hosting solution is perfect for you!

All the services including management, server monitoring, and server repairs are all available at a fixed plan cost with managed VPS hosting. There is no separate cost for expert service and infrastructure. The monthly package price you agree to will cover all of the work regarding website hosting. You only need to worry about what websites you ll put on your VPS. The maintenance of equipment will also be included under the service by the managed VPS hosting provider.

Another great advantage of managed VPS hosting is that there is flexibility to increase the storage capacity of the web site. The space can be increased in the hard disk by the addition of the appropriate resources. As your server grows, you ll just need to contact the VPS web host and ask for an increase in whatever you need, and for an added cost, the web host can easily add whatever you need.

So, How Do I Choose Between Managed VPS or Unmanaged VPS

The choice you have to make between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting depends on several factors. Your skill in handling the server is an important factor. The efficiency in dealing with the complicated aspects of server hosting is necessary when you lack a manager to administrate the VPS hosting server. The strength of your business in terms of the profit is another important aspect. Considering all these factors, it is always advisable to seek higher opinion in your choice of a web hosting server.

Typically, we at VPS hosting reviews recommend most customers choose a managed VPS solution that offers an easy control panel such as a cPanel VPS or Plesk VPS. This way, if (and when) problems arise with your virtual private server, you will always have peace of mind in knowing your web host is a support ticket away for any issue you might experience. This peace of mind is the sole reason why we always opt for managed VPS hosting for our websites.

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