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Luxury Rehab Facilities in Los Angeles, California

17th March, 2017

Luxury rehab centers cater towards celebrities, the rich, the famous, and the powerful. If a movie star gets caught with an itchy nose and is forced to rehabilitate, they aren’t going to want to join the rest of the addicts at their local rehab. They’re more likely going to go straight to the nicest, most luxurious rehab they can afford.

Luxury rehabs are most certainly more expensive than the average rehab center, though they also offer patients a better experience which can result in some of the following:

  • A more successful treatment outcome. Drug addicts who are treated in a comfortable environment often have higher success rates than those treated with minimal care in a less comfortable facility.
  • A longer treatment. Recovering addicts are also much more likely to stay in a treatment center for longer if they find it to be comfortable.
  • A more holistic treatment. Luxury rehab centers tend to offer all sorts of alternative treatment options like yoga, acupuncture, float tank therapy, and lots of other things not offered at typical rehabs.

Are Luxury Rehabs Worth the Cost?

Not always. Just because a rehab center has a high price tag doesn’t mean it has a high success rate or patient satisfaction.

  • Look at the success rate of the rehabs you’re thinking of attending. Any good rehab will have an online review forum where you can see what other recovering addicts have said about the place.
  • Look at the treatments available. There’s no point paying top dollar for a rehab if you’re going to go there and find out they don’t have the treatment you’re interested in.
  • Look at their availability and proximity. Distance might not seem like a factor in your decision, but there’s a sense of comfort that comes along with being close to home. You might want to find a rehab that’s close to your family.

What s Different About a Luxury Rehab

Luxury rehabs are built on the principle that rehab doesn’t have to be a structured, punitive experience. Not that many rehabs operate this way these days but several decades ago, rehabs assumed a much more bootcamp style directive in regards to getting addicts clean.

Not only are the ideals more lax, but the environments are much more comfortable than those found in typical rehab centers. A good rehab center is built to be comfortable, but a luxury rehab is built to be, well, luxurious.

  • Spa-quality accommodations will often be available for the recovering addicts before after their daily meetings
    • Gourmet meals cooked by chefs available in the morning, evening and night
    • Massages and spas are available for personal treatments
  • The bedrooms supplied are similar to those of an upscale resort. They add to the addict’s sense of peace and serenity.
  • The facilities themselves are built to be beautiful and to add a calm environment for the addict during their recovery.

While the environment and accommodations are incredible, the most important part of any addicts treatment is developing the tools necessary to stay sober in the real world. Luxury rehabs differ from typical rehabs in this way as well.

  • Every staff member at a luxury rehab facility will be backed with top-notch credentials.
  • Staff will be able to provide a holistic approach to recovery through all different types of treatments: yoga, massage, nutrition, therapy, sensory deprivation, and all sorts of different therapies.

Finally, the way they go about delivering these treatments is different than what you would find in a typical rehab.

  • There may be computer stations or enhanced communications systems for CEOs and other business folk who need to keep their businesses running from rehab
  • Therapy may be given in a much more intimate fashion, and the therapists are likely qualified from outstanding academic institutions.

Will I Still Go Through the Regular Rehabilitation Process?

Though you might be a bit more pampered than other recovering addicts, you’ll still go through the same essential process.

  • A personal assessment that observes the patient’s current physical and mental status.
  • A more intense analysis to find out the particular needs of the patient in terms of their behavior, mental and medical health, social ability, and their level of education. The patient of a luxury rehab will have much more say in this, since they will have holistic and alternative methods to choose from based on personal preference.
  • The development of a treatment plan catering to the above information that suits the patient.
  • Assessment of alternative methods of treatment that might assist the patient — for example, naturopathy, acupuncture and other nonstandard treatments available at luxury rehabs.

Luxury rehabs, while they may be lush in appearance and structure, still share the same goal as traditional rehabs. The goal is to help an addict recover and give them a set of tools they can use to go back to the real world without drugs. They are places where sick people recover luxury rehabs just have many more comfortable, superfluous supports available.

Where Can I Find A Luxury Rehab In Los Angeles?

California is known to be home to some of the best rehab facilities in the United States. Since California’s drug policy is much more extensively attended to than those of other states, the availability of treatment is much higher. This means some of the world’s best luxury facilities are located here in California.

Remember, different programs have different licenses and rehab licenses vary for different states. For Californian luxury rehabs, make sure the proper licenses have been procured.

Your best option is to look online. Los Angeles’s most renown luxury rehab is the Promises Malibu Rehab and Treatment Center. A more complete list of luxury rehabs in California can be found here.

Remember, when looking online, you’ll want to see what past recovering addicts have said about treatment centers. If you find a treatment center with little or no reviews, chances are, something’s not right. Stay to the tried true centers that have positive reviews from many patients.

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