Aug 23 2017

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W elcome to Jo Landers Business Services, offering a cost-effective way for small businesses and nonprofit organizations to access bookkeeping or payroll services, website design, custom database development or typesetting skills their in-house staff can not provide.

This website provides information and resources (check out the popular What s the Real Cost of an Employee? online calculator), as well as describing the services offered. If you have a comment or suggestion or find a broken link, please contact me .

on a weekly, monthly or as needed basis at your office or mine for businesses in Northampton, Florence, Hadley Holyoke, or other locations within the greater Easthampton, Massachusetts area.

including direct deposit, vacation and sick time accrual, and state and federal payroll tax calculations and filings, for a flat monthly fee.

including specialized support for nonprofits and businesses that work with subcontractors, such as assistance with cost allocating and 1099 and insurance audit requirements.

specializing in catalogs, books, technical manuals and other information-dense printed pieces. Proofreading, copy editing and index development may also be available.

and coding utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP W3C-compliant code to improve the ability of your audience to use your site and the search engines to find it.

to make sure the existing assets on your site (header content, titles, images, links and text) all work together to reinforce each other and improve organic search rankings.

Best Deals:

Check out the Local Networks page for discounts and coupons from businesses in the Pioneer Valley, and vendors I’ve had good experiences with. This is NOT an affiliate advertising page – if I recommend a business, I’ve really worked with them and think they offer good service at a fair price.

Get information or find things to do in the Pioneer Valley. Includes an online forum/discussion space. No ads or pop-ups. Contributors wanted!

I’ve been ordering Quickbooks computer checks. laser tax forms and other bookkeeping supplies from these people since 1998. Their online ordering system is clear and easy to use and their customer service has been great.

Prices are at least 20% lower than ordering through your bank, NEBS, Intuit or another supplier and they guarantee the lowest prices for computer checks.

One of the few online places that will cheerfully accept your order by phone or mail as well as through their website, and email you a proof if you use custom artwork on your checks. They re in Portland, ME, so shipping to Massachusetts is usually just a few days; unless you re in a real hurry there s no need to pay for overnight shipping. 2017 Jo Landers

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