Sep 30 2017

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JetLine Travel agents

We have just booked a holiday to benidormin this october, we had paid 510 pound on the 18th aug to this company, and then because we had to change the dates due to work, they charged us another 250 pounds. We have just foned this number we had all the time, and they are saying they have no recollection of us paying any money. We are fuming, they have said now that there is no reference number to this number to this holiday.

They re atrocious.

Paid over 2K for 10 day holiday via Jetline in Ios, Greece. They didn t book the hotel! We turned up after a 14 hour journey to find this out.

The hotel staff at Dionysos resort were excellent and sorted us out with alternative accommodation as best they could but it s not what they paid for. If it hadn t been for them we would have been really stuck.

Took multiple emails to Jetline to get any response at all (they woke when we contacted them via Twitter Facebook). It was weeks afterwards we got some small amount of compensation, after rejecting a derisory first offer. We were to worn out by the constant uselessness of them to carry on fighting.

Our experience was to be: a) ignored at first b) fobbed off for a while c) be offered a small amount of money (with a patronising note).

To recap: Paid Jetline 2k. They didn t book the hotel. They did nothing to help sort out an alternative. Gave us a small amount of money back.

Want this experience? No? Then I recommend giving Jetline a wide berth.

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