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JetBlue airlines is a great American low-cost or budget airline that has been in business since 1998. As it is headquartered in New York City jet Blue runs its main operations out of John F. Kennedy International Airport. This airline has expanded to service most of the United States, South America and the Caribbean. Boasting the most direct flights to Aruba they have definitely expanded rapidly since their humble beginnings. The introduction and series of expansions of their loyalty miles program referred to as TrueBlue has been well received and continues to be a benefit to customers as they continue to expand this program through their partnerships with other airlines. The recent alliances with other airlines including Aer Lingus out of Ireland, and Hawaiian Airlines have positioned jetBlue airlines to build on their success and continue to expand not only the destinations that they service but also the number of customers that enjoy their air travel experience.

This seemingly rapid expansion would not be possible if it wasn’t for their great customer service and jetBlue’s overall attention to the customer experience. While other airlines are reducing or eliminating snacks, free baggage checks and leg room, jet Blue is holding firm on these essentials. The reaction that most people have is one of disbelief as they have adapted to the standard reduction in services among other airlines. The drinks and snacks are not only free but there is a selection that is able to satisfy most flyers. The luxury of being able to check a free bag is something that most airlines have done away with and further sets jet Blue apart. The customer experience is further witnessed upon preparing for landing as a once fabled tradition of hot towels is alive and well on these so called low-cost flights.

The recent expansion has given company’s customers the options of over 70 destinations in several different countries to choose fly in or out of. With over 750 daily flights company offers service from most large American cities and Central American countries including but not limited to: Aruba, The Bahamas, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Saint Maarten, and Puerto Rico. With the recent codeshare and partnerships jetBlue is looking to bring their well-received airline services and customer experience to even more destinations in the near future.

JetBlue Airlines

operates an excellent frequent flyers program referred to as TrueBlue. In an attempt to provide the most value and flexibility for its members they have also linked their loyalty program and points with other partners namely HawaiianMiles. With features such as no blackout dates when redeeming these TrueBlue points for travel on every seat, jetBlue airlines is increasing the value that they contribute to their clients. Everyone loves getting something for free and by collecting these free loyalty TrueBlue miles you are building towards a free flight any time of your choosing.

Whether you are flying a regular commuter route or want to go on a Caribbean vacation flying with jet Blue can save you money and show you what a great low-cost airline can do. As the company expands its network of destinations it will be able to reach more people and provide the desired experience that any airline customers would be pleased to have.

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