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An archipelago of over 17,000 islands of which only 6,000 are inhabited, Indonesia remains a destination that cannot be covered in one or two brief trips. For those wanting to escape the popular hub of Bali, Indonesia provides plenty of less-travelled roads. In Northeast Sulawesi, one can find the city of Manado renowned for its exotic delicacies ranging from bat soup to dog or rat meat for the especially intrepid traveller. For those sticking to a safer diet of local nasi (“rice”) and delicious rendang (a local curry dish), there remains plenty of adventure in this diverse archipelago that lies within the Ring of Fire.

The overland and undersea volcanoes are responsible for the vibrant biodiversity found above and underwater. Some of the most paradisiacal reefs are available to those who trek to Lembeh and Bunaken or harder to reach destinations such as the Togian Islands. Natural wonders such as Lake Toba or Mount Bromo are highly recommended alongside famous temples such as Borobudur and the nightlife of Jakarta for those looking for a social scene.

For those looking to immerse themselves in local language and culture, it is highly recommended to observe local customs and venture onto local buses to less-travelled getaways. The full immersion required for one of these rides limits this recommendation only to hardy travellers willing to endure the probable obstacles (linguistically and in terms of reaching the correct destination) that may arise. For those who reflect local customs such as eating food with one’s fingers, it is easy to gain the surprise, curiosity and respect of locals.

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