Dec 18 2017

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Incentive Travel

When You’ve Been Designing Travel Incentive Programs For

More Than 50 Years, A Little Sherpa Is Bound to Rub Off.

It’s always nice to have a guide, to have someone on your team with the experience to get you where you want to go. Whether you need to improve business performance, reward superior selling achievement, or recognize top employees or channel partners, corporate incentive trips can take you there. At Maritz, we help our clients get to amazing places. not just amazing destinations.

You won’t find “Wow Factor” on a map, but our clients always end up there.

How do you top your travel incentive programs year after year? It’s difficult to keep up with the latest trends, newest experiences and current hot spots. With our patented research approach you can unlock the power of your travel program by connecting with your participants in new and unique ways. You’ll have a better understanding of the needs and aspirations of your audience and identify which elements and activities are most meaningful to them. Even better, you’ll deliver the kind of travel program your attendees expect and the business results stakeholders demand. With Maritz, the wow just keeps coming

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From Antigua to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between, we have knowledgeable certified meeting planners to make it happen. Many of our travel experts have over 25 years of industry experience. If you’re thinking of a destination, chances are we’ve been there before. probably even a few dozen times or so.

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We have a proprietary research tool, called Travel Insight, that helps you better understand what effectively motivates and engages your participants. You can run “what if” scenarios based on their preferences to predict how changing program features will impact their experience.

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We have a diverse group of subject matter experts who can make you aware of trends and new regulations to make better and more-timely decisions. Our people sit on advisory boards of all US hotel chains and hold top positions among industry associations, such as USTA.

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B-players Become Star Players with Change to Incentive Program Rules

Pacific Life was looking for a way to improve sales results across the entire sales force. Maritz suggested an open-ended incentive program to broaden participation from middle-level performers. Former mid-performers created $14 million incremental profit.

Maritz Travel Case Study: A Major Automotive Aftermarket Retailer

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