Sep 25 2017

IATA – IATA Travel Centre – Passport, Visa & Health requirements #amigo #travel

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IATA Travel Centre

Information portal for travelers

Your bags are packed, you’re ready to go but do you have everything you need to board the airplane? The IATA Travel Centre delivers accurate passport, visa and health requirement information at a glance.

One-stop shop for everything you need to know before you go

When searching for travel information online, its important to know that your source is accurate, reliable and – more importantly – up-to-date. You can count on the IATA Travel Centre as your trusted, centralized source for the latest international travel requirements. It is the most accurate source available, drawn on a comprehensive database used by virtually every airline, and information gathered from over 1,000 official sources worldwide.

In addition, the IATA Travel Centre can tell you more about your destination country, from applicable taxes to currency information and local customs regulations. And it provides useful information on traveler rights.

Access to the IATA Travel Centre is provided free of charge.

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