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How to Fix Event Log.

Event logs are special files that record significant events on your computer, such as when a user logs on to the computer or when a program encounters an error. Whenever these types of events occur, Windows records the event in an event log that you can read by using Event Viewer. Event logs include application events, security-related events, setup events, system events and forwarded events. Information in event logs can help troubleshoot problems.

This is a full Description of Windows Registry:

Every time your computer starts up, it has to, basically, relearn what it is and how it functions. All of the information it needs to know about what it does is stored in the Windows Registry.

As it accesses information stored in the registry, it will know what programs to load at the start, who the different users are and a great many other things..

Stored within the registry is everything there is to know about your computer. If you look at the registry, it is setup much like the folders on the hard drive. There are a few major folders and within these are many, many more folders with registry keys and entries holding all of your computer’s information. Whenever you install a program or make a change to how your computer looks, that information is stored in the Windows Registry.

The Windows Registry is, essentially, the memory of what your computer is and has in it. This one area of a Windows PC is vital to its performance and is constantly being accessed and used every time you make even the slightest change to your computer or the programs on it.

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How to fix your Registry Issues?

Fixing Registry Issues manually is a difficult process and it is not recommend unless you are an expert in this field.

Therefore, we recommend you to use a reliable PC Repair tool that can do all the hard work for you.

How it Works? this software will try to fix your PC issues in 4 ways:

Smart Troubleshooter: the smart troubleshooter tool can lead you by the hand to find the resolution to most of your PC problems both automatically and manually using simple step by step troubleshooting guides.

Cleaning registry issues: the tool will keep your system registry optimized by removing redundant items from your windows registry.

System File Checker tool: system file checker is a utility that allows you to scan for and restore corruptions in Windows system files.

Error-checking tool: this tool checks your hard drive for issues. The tool then tries to repair any issues that it finds. For Example it can repair issues related to bad sectors, lost clusters, cross-link files, directory issues and much more.

Please follow the 3 steps below:

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