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How to Find Super Cheap Airplane Tickets

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Schedule your flight for weekly ebbs in air travel.

Super cheap airplane tickets do not usually exist for the Monday-to-Friday trip. Because this is the classic business trip schedule, and because large companies have budgets built for flying, cheap flights are hard to come by during this time. Businesspeople want to be home on the weekend. As a result, flying with a Saturday night stay lowers your cost considerably. Further, avoiding the leisure crowd, which flies out on Friday and Saturday, also helps so start your trip on Thursday and end it sometime after Saturday.

Find a history chart of ticket prices.

These charts exist on almost every major flight search site. The beauty of them is they let you know when prices are at their peak, and when they will be in their valley. For vacation travel this is especially helpful because tourist destinations have the highest swings in supply and demand seasonally. Fly at the outside edge of the season to get super-cheap airplane tickets and still get decent weather.

Search all the major airlines at once.

Finding cheap tickets can take a lot of time if you search one airline at a time, or even if you search one discount site at a time. Macro search flight sites, such as Kayak or Bing Travel, allow you to search across discount sites for all airlines and even multiple airports all in one search. Get a good price for your desired trip from one of these sites.

Double check discount airlines.

Airlines such as Southwest or Jet Blue do not always show up in macro flight search sites. Check them individually especially for one-way tickets. Compare their price with the major airline prices and snag a good deal when you see one.

Either buy your ticket more than a month out, or wait for last-minute deals.

Both of these options can score you super cheap airplane tickets. For the last-minute deals, you have to be willing to put off your travel plans until the price you want appears, so flexibility is a must. If you want to nail down your travel time, buying more than a month in advance gets you the best price.

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