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How to Buy Standby Airline Tickets

Getting standby tickets can be a frustrating experience. (Photo: Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images )

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Flying standby can be a much more economical way to travel by plane, but it can also be frustrating and you may need to qualify to buy standby tickets with some airlines. Still, it is an excellent way to get where you need to go for less money, especially if you have extra time and a lot of extra patience. Standby tickets mean you get a seat on a sold-out flight if someone doesn’t show up or there are cancellations, but you are not guaranteed a seat until the flight is about to leave.

Be in Family

With some airlines the only way to purchase a standby ticket is to be a spouse, child or other relative or friend of an employee of the airline. If the airline only sells to family and friends, then you will not have any luck finding a standby ticket as a member of the general public. Those who do sell standby tickets to the public will place you farther down the list than those who are friends and family, and you may not get on the plane as easily and be forced to wait longer.

Inquire With Airline

Have Buddy Pass

Hold Full-Price Ticket

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