Sep 9 2017

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How Much Does A Website Cost?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions though it’s a difficult one to answer unless your website designer is provided with a full brief on your website design needs. All businesses are different and have their own unique needs so the following will answer the basics to the question without going into complex designs or Internet marketing strategies.

There are three major components to a website which should be considered, each of which can be organised and managed by your website designer.

1. Domain Names

Your domain name is the first step to putting your business Online. Your domain name is similar to your home address. An example of this is You can register many types of domain names including; .com. eu. asia. nz. Most businesses based in Australia will register a domain name though it’s best to chat with your website designer to choose the right domain type.

  • Australian domains ( $34.95 for 2 years registration
  • International domains (.com) $24.95 for 2 years registration
  • Non-commercial organisations ( $44.95 for 2 years registration
  • Australian domains ( $24.95 for 2 years registration

Average Cost: $34.95 for 2 years registration for a domain name.

It’s also important to consider that domain name will be available in many formats so we would generally suggest to reserve the top two or three formats to ensure that other businesses can not purchase the same or a similar domain. Following are a few examples that would consider purchasing.


If some of the above domain types are not available when using your business name then it’s important to understand that there will be other businesses that have the same or similar name, in most cases they will be international or companies overseas though it will be important for you to understand who they are so that there is no confusion when it comes to your client searching for your products or services.

2. Website Hosting

Website Hosting is a service which is provided by a hosting company. They provide you with a user name and password which allows us to install your website on their server. This allows your customers to view your website on the world wide web.

There are many levels of website hosting which suit different types of websites. It is important to match the right website hosting to your website as some hosting providers have more down time more than others and some are slower than others. If your website takes too long to load, or isn’t available at the instant someone is looking for the services you offer, it’s quite probable that you will never see that prospect again. Attempting to save money in this area usually proves to be a mistake.

The second most important aspect of a host is service, if you can’t get hold of your host while you are having problems then this is a good recipe for disaster. We have dealt with hundreds of hosts and find that the cheaper hosts offer lower levels of service compared to the higher priced hosts. At the end of the day, you do get what you pay for. In some instances we have experienced cheap hosts loosing websites and not not taking responsibility for their mistakes. Cheaper hosts concentrate on quantity not quality, you will also find that their security levels are quite average.

  • Business Hosting – Silver. Good for personal or low traffic websites. $100 to $200 per year
  • Business Hosting – Gold. Good for small businesses with low traffic $200 to $300 per year
  • Business Hosting – Platinum. Great for content managed or shopping cart websites $300 to $450 per year
  • Premium Dedicated Hosting: Best for larger websites with high traffic turnover $150 to $500 per month

Average Cost: $200 to $400 for 12 months registration

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your final design, we will refund 100% of your deposit no questions asked. We don’t simply create the perfect website for your business, we offer you the best customer service to make sure that you are completely satisfied. That’s why we exist today and have been in business for more than 13 years. Read more: 100% Money Back Guarantee

10 Step Website Planning Guide

Whether you’re planning a 3 page website or a 50 page Online store, this planning guide will help you get started. Please feel free to download a copy of this planning guide or just jot your ideas down below and submit to yourself. If the planning guide seems a bit much, please ask for help. 10 Step Website Planning Guide

Website Design Checklist

Once you feel that you are ready to take the next step, read though the Website Design Checklist which gives you an idea on what comes next. If you feel that you need help with the 10 Step Website Planning Guide, please contact our experienced support team for assistance. Website Design Checklist

Need help of more information?

For assistance in planning your website or for more information on a package that suits your needs, please call us on (03) 9017 5575 or complete our website design Pricing Request Form .

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