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Recommended destinations:

El Soberbio is a place to come in tune with nature: numerous falls, wildlife, pristine rivers and wild jungle. Located in a diverse forest ecosystem, it is near the Mocon Falls, the world s only longitudinal waterfalls. The many plantations with essential grass and the extraction of its essential oils, have turned the town into the “Essence Capital of Argentina “.

The capital of the state of Santa Catarina is one of the most important tourist destinations in Brazil. The Island of Magic has hundreds of all kind of beaches, hills, Atlantic rainforest, islands, sandbanks, dunes, rivers, mangroves, rock inscriptions and two large lakes. The most visited places in the island are: the beaches, the Concei o Lagoon, the Hercilio Luz bridge and the forts.

The Iguaz Falls are a series of waterfalls on the Iguazu River, on the border between Argentina and Brazil. This natural sanctuary, brimming with beauty, is one of the great tourist destinations of Argentina and the world. Surrounded by a subtropical rainforest, it has a vast biodiversity of flora, fauna and native Guarani culture. Feel the power of the world s biggest and most beautiful waterfalls!

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