Dec 20 2017

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Learn about the History and Culture of Ancient and Modern Greece


​Greece is the birthplace of democracy and a land full of culture and a rich history that offers travelers a great variety of vacation options. The entire country of Greece is a paradise for tourists who are interested in the history of art, culture and literature.

From mainland Greece with its famous archaeological sites, to the Greek islands with their own unique flavors, Greece’s set and setting provide the ultimate vacation destination for all types of travelers. In fact, Greece has been a popular vacation spot for many centuries. From touring the ancient historical sites in Athens to the sunny Greek islands of Santorini, Crete, Corfu, and Rhodes, Greece is first on the list of anyone’s ultimate Mediterranean vacations. Ancient Greece gave us fantastic architecture and the Olympics, but today travelers go to Greece for the social life and shopping opportunities as much as they do to visit the Acropolis and Mount Olympus. is dedicated to maximizing your vacations and holidays in Greece and the Greek islands. Let us help you organize and plan your travel to one of Europe’s favorite holiday destinations where you will learn more about the most popular attractions in Greece and the surrounding islands. also delivers up-to-date info on hotels and accommodation suggestions as well as many other travel-related services including online hotel booking, island tour packages, cruises, car rentals, tours and scuba diving services. The best way to experience the unique beauty and culture of Greece is to tour both the mainland and the islands of this incredible Mediterranean vacation destination. In addition to Athens and Delphi on the mainland, spending a few nights at each island will allow you to fully experience each unique island on its own.

Greece is a mountainous country located in southeastern Europe, bordered by Albania, Turkey and Bulgaria. The nation is surrounded by more than a thousand small islands, only 200 of which are populated. The history of ancient Greece gores all the way back to the powerful Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations that flourished around 3000 BC. Greece was also the site of the powerful city-state of Athens, which was the high-point of Greek civilization in 800 BC.

Today, Greece is a modern European country, with a strong democratic government, and a developing economy. The Greek government is a parliamentary republic guided by a Democratic Constitution and the president of the republic is the head of the state, while the prime minister is the head of the Greek government. Most of the people in Greece are concentrated in the major urban areas, with Athens containing nearly a third of the country’s population. The country has always been a seafaring nation and that tradition has continued throughout its history until the present day with the Greek merchant shipping fleet being one of the largest world-wide. Greece currently owns one-seventh of the world’s shipping fleet in terms of total tonnage and is the second largest in the world behind Japan and just ahead of China and Germany. In 2000 Greece adopted the Euro as the official currency to help solidify its position as a global shipping leader.

If you thinking of traveling to Greece, let help you plan, book and organize your ultimate Mediterranean vacation all in one convenient location. U.S. and Canadian citizens visiting Greece for any period of less than three months need only a passport for entry and there are no immunizations required either. Those wishing to spend more than three months in Greece can obtain the necessary permits at the Greek Embassy in their country of residence.

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