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Let Gifted Travel Network escort you down the path to success selling travel.

Monetizing your passion for travel can be easy when you have the right host agency partner. At GTN, our sole focus is YOUR success. We believe a host agency should provide support, resources and tools to help you work smarter instead of harder.

At GTN, we are keenly aware of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs selling travel, and these mistakes lead to struggle, hard work and little income. When you have a partner that helps you avoid these mistakes, magic happens.

What are the common mistakes that travel agents make?

Mistake #1. Being all things to all travelers. We help you correct this mistake by guiding you to establish yourself as an expert and develop a core compelling message. Experts make more money, plain and simple. Our IC’s regularly experience a doubling, tripling and even quadrupling of their revenues once they establish themselves as an expert with a clear, compelling message.

Mistake #2. Settling for a pathetic commission split. You work hard to get clients and service them. It’s YOUR business and you deserve to keep as much commission as possible. That’s why GTN offers the most generous commission splits in the industry, including a 100% commission split for a very affordable monthly fee.

Mistake #3. Believing you have to do it alone. The most successful people surround themselves with great support. At GTN, we believe customer service is of paramount importance and you won’t wait for an answer on anything. In addition, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We have created a super nurturing, collaborative environment of independent contractors all willing and ready to help each other.

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