Feb 2 2019

Geico Auto Insurance Review – Pros and Cons, cheapest auto insurance review.

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Geico Auto Insurance Review

Pros / Geico has an excellent customer service rating and lower-than-average prices.

Cons / This automobile insurance provider does not have a driver-monitoring program.

Verdict / Geico offers some of the best car insurance, with lower rates, numerous possible discounts, a great mobile app and high customer satisfaction.

Geico is the best automobile insurance company we reviewed, because it offers premiums at below the national average in most cases and has some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of the top 12 agencies we evaluated. It lacks a discount program that tracks driving habits, but it has several other opportunities to reduce your rates, including if you are a member of more than 500 affiliated groups such as colleges, universities, military and federal organizations. Its mobile app is excellent and offers a voice-activated assistant. For these reasons, Geico is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.

Premium Rates

Cheapest auto insurance reviewGeico’s rates are some of the lowest of those we examined. We set up a sample customer profile with a clean driving record and checked insurance premiums for our fictitious driver with five cars in five areas across the United States. Like our Silver and Bronze winners, Geico’s prices were cheaper than those of other car insurance providers we reviewed. Of course, your specific premiums depend on your own situation and your driving record. Therefore, we suggest looking at three or more of our top car insurance agencies and comparing the rates yourself.

The online quote system is easy to use and gives you a couple of plans to consider, or you can edit the plan to meet your specific needs. The price quote is an estimate. Your driving record impacts whether the final rate is higher or lower than the quote.

Customer Service

Cheapest auto insurance reviewGEICO offers 15 discounts, including whether you drive more than one car or more have more than one line of insurance with the company. It offers homeowners, rental, condo or mobile home insurance as well as insurance for boats and snowmobiles. These policies are provided through non-affiliated insurance companies but secured through Geico.

Geico also offers discounts for federal employees and military members, and if you are a deploying, you can get further deals. This auto insurance agency offers discounts to members of more than 500 different organizations. Having good grades or having taken driver’s education courses lowers your cost. Being accident-free for five years or more can cut your premiums, too. Finally, Geico reduces your rates if your car has specific safety features like daytime running lights or an anti-theft system.

One discount common to insurance agencies that Geico lacks is the driving habits discount. With this discount, you are given a device to plug into your car. It monitors your driving habits, including mileage and unsafe practices like speeding or hard braking. After a set period, the information is analyzed, and you are assigned a discount based on your driving. While some people may not want this kind of monitoring, others consider it a useful tool for seeing where they can improve their driving as well as save money. It’s especially useful for teen drivers, as it gives them feedback on how they are driving when Mom or Dad is not sitting next to them.

You can access your policy information online through the member portal. From there, you can make payments, change coverage or order proof of insurance. If you have other Geico policies, you can access them from this site as well.

Geico has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of all the auto insurance agencies we reviewed. Every agency had a high rating, though, but Geico scored the highest in our evaluation.

Claim Processing

Cheapest auto insurance reviewYou can report a claim 24/7 using the interactive online form through the website or the mobile app. You can also report it via telephone. You can check your claim online to track its progress, but you’ll need the claim number. You can view damage pictures and reports, schedule your vehicle for repair, electronically sign forms and communicate with the claims team.

Geico has approved assessment and repair facilities through its Auto Repair Xpress (ARX) program. If you are in an accident and have your car repaired by an ARX facility, it can handle the paperwork, and if you have the rental option, you can get a temporary vehicle at the facility. Your Geico adjustor keeps you informed of progress, and the work is guaranteed for the entire time you own your car. ARX facilities are not available in all areas. When filing a claim, you may be able to find an ARX location through the claims portal or a Geico agent can tell you if any are in your location. Of course, you can always use your own trusted repair shop.

Geico’s mobile app is excellent. It has clear and understandable menus appropriate to the small screen of a smartphone. It also has a voice-activated virtual assistant, Lily, who can help schedule appointments with your agent, view your claim information, answer questions about your policy or tell you what she thinks of the gecko, the company’s mascot. The app also stores your ID cards and proof of insurance and has an interactive accident guide in the event you’re involved in a collision. The app is available for Android or iPhones plus tablets.


When it comes to automobile insurance, Geico is the best. Not only does it have low premiums and 15 discount options, but it has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings we found. You can speak to an agent online or in person and file claims through the website or mobile device. The mobile app is among the best we’ve found for insurance agencies. Overall, Geico does an excellent job with car insurance and should be on your list of providers to consider when pricing plans.

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