Aug 20 2017

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Garage Door Repair Fishers IN – Expert Local Services

There are few things more frustrating than having a garage door break down, especially when one has places to be. Depending on the construction of the door in question, there are a few different problems that one can encounter, and while a few fixes can be done on your own, having an experienced professional tackle the more troublesome issues can alleviate a lot of the irritation. Fishers garage door repair services can help fix everything from torsion springs to lift mechanisms. While the average torsion spring is insured for up to seven years, a problematic one may require one of our professional technicians to solve.

Having a properly working garage door is very important, not only for convenience and to protect your belongings, but to prevent injury. Attempting to perform a fix on your own can result in a door that appears to be working, but risks failing at any moment. Dangers of having an improperly functioning garage door include the door falling, having clothing, body parts, or objects caught in pinch points, and non-working safety features such as sensors. While modern garage doors are required to have a feature called “safety eyes” to prevent objects under the garage door being damaged, a mechanical failure could render this safety feature unusable.

Warning Signs and Repair Services
If you are experience problems with your garage door, or if you notice it showing signs of age or wear, having a garage door repair service man in Fishers take a look at it could help prevent a potential safety hazard. Our Fishers Garage Door Repair services are an excellent way to stop problems before they get any worse. Warning signs to watch out for include strange noises coming from mechanical doors or springs, excessive creaking or groaning, or any looseness or shakiness. Putting an item like a cardboard box under the door and then attempting to close it can help determine whether your safety features are working properly, and can help avoid injury to children or pets.

It is highly recommended that you do not attempt to perform your own repairs unless you have the proper training. Most garage doors sit on a track that goes from horizontal to vertical, and if a tension springs slips, the garage door will accelerate very quickly as it moves from the horizontal to vertical tracks. The force behind a falling garage door can seriously injure or kill someone caught beneath it. There are also plenty of other ways to get caught, pinched, or otherwise injured by trying to do home maintenance on a mechanical garage door. Calling a Garage Door Repair Fishers IN is a safe alternative, and asking some questions can help you spot problems in the future.

Professional Fishers Garage Door Repair Services

Our Garage Door Repair Fishers IN Service cover a number of different garage doors, from the mechanical to the manual. Sectional garage doors are very common, and are constructed from multiple horizontal pieces that angle as they fold upwards, giving the door a better clearance as it moves. Sectional garage doors are also recommended if you want to avoid garage door repair in the future, as each individual panel of a sectional door has its own connection to the track, which helps keep the door more reliable.

Roller doors are used primarily for commercial or industrial applications, as they are not easily to insulate. Depending on the size of the door, they may use a spring to allow manual opening or have a pulley system with a chain or motor attached. Typically, these doors are even more dangerous to try and repair on your own, because of their increased relative weight and generally larger size. You should not attempt to repair this type of door on your own – a Garage Door Repair Fishers can offer a much safer fix.

Monolithic garage doors tend to be somewhat older, and require more clearance to be raised. They are also slightly less reliable than sectional doors, as they have fewer track connections, meaning each connection must bear a greater amount of weight as the door is raised or lowered. Like roller doors, these tend to be very heavy and dangerous to work on, so a Garage Door Repair Fishers professional should be contacted.

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