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cheapest hotels

NOBODY knows Honolulu Hotels better, No-bo-dy.

If this is your first time in Hawaii, you have never stayed in the hotel or vacation Condo you are planning to book or have no idea what to book in the first place, one of the worst things that you can do is try to figure out how good a property is by looking at their websites, they ALL look wonderful and believe me, that is NOT the case.

You have two choices. You either spend a HUGE amount of time on the net and basically gamble your precious vacation time and hard earned money, hoping and praying that what you choose is clean, in a good location, in a safe area and at a reasonable price or.

You can call (808) 394-2112 from 9 am to 5 PM Monday to Saturdays, we are closed on Sundays and holidays ( you can also contact us for free on Skype ), tell us what you need and we will find for you the best possible option for the quality you requested and our service is FREE .

Please be advised that Holiday or high season cancellation policies as well as condo reservations are different, ask our agent.

Note: If you have found a hotel on your own that seems to meet your needs, feel free to call us and ask our opinion on the Hotel and the price, at least that way you will not book blind .

Important: If you decide to book something on your own, make sure you find out what are the penalties for checking out after the first night in case you find the place unacceptable and bring with you our phone number (808-394-2112) , after all we are located in Honolulu , we help thousands of people every year once they are here, over the phone, to relocate to other hotels because they are unhappy with the place they have originally booked.

Finally, you may want to bookmark this page, even if you do not use our services, since you will not likely find a site that will provide you with list to ALL the hotels in Waikiki (to the left of your screen) with a picture, their location in our Waikiki Map (click on the numbers), general description, and a review of things that you may or may not like based of our own experience and personal monthly inspections as well as the feedback we have received form thousands of travelers reviews over the years.

We wish you a safe trip and the best time in our islands.

Cheapest hotels

Cheapest hotels

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