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Flute Lessons Singapore – Quality Flute Teacher in Singapore

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Flute Lesson Singapore is managed by Elite Music School and Stradivari Strings. We are an established music school and trusted music instruments dealer.Elite Music School is the flute school in Singapore to go to, whether you want to master the Western Flute or bamboo flute (di zi). We are dedicated to ensuring that you get a qualified and experienced flute teacher who can guide you and show you how to play the flute beautifully.Whether you a taking flute lessons for beginners. or if you are an intermediate level flute player looking to advance your skills, we have the right teacher for you.

You are assured of dealing with a bona fide, established music school in Singapore who will monitor the teacher’s progress with you, as compared to an introductory agent who has no control over the accountability of the music teachers on their list.

You have peace of mind knowing that we look after your best interests.

Give us a call at 9813 7769 or contact us as follow:

Address: #02-32 #02-23 Sultan Plaza
100 Jalan Sultan
Singapore 199001

Contact: 9813 7769, 65-8101 9280

If you are looking to learn other music instruments such as the violin, cello, piano, guitar, ukulele and saxophone, do check out the following links which are managed under Elite Music School and Stradivari Strings:

Testimonial From Our Student

“My mother found an experienced and qualified flute teacher for me when we moved to Singapore. My flute teacher is very patient and I am progressing very well under his guidance. My mother is very impressed with the personal service provided by Elite Music Studio.

David Zhou

Written by CAR

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