Flight Ticket Release Dates, airline ticket sites.#Airline #ticket #sites

Flight Ticket Release Dates

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Airline ticket sites

Sally | Edited by Steve N

Updated 29 Aug 2017

Airline ticket sitesWhen it comes to cheap flights, booking early can be key. So we’ve put our MoneySaving engines on full throttle to bring you the dates major airlines release seats.

It’s important to note there’s no certainty about when’s cheapest to book – prices can fall after tickets are released, especially if there’s a sale. Your best bet to be sure to get a good price is to follow the tips in our Cheap Flights guide.

But if you’re looking to pounce as soon as seats go on sale, this table will help. It can be very useful if you’re a member of a frequent flyer scheme looking to spend your points on flights – booking as soon as reward seats are released can mean you’ve more choice as seats are very limited.

Airline ticket release dates

– On sale now for travel until 2 September 2018

– From 22 Nov for travel 3 September – 27 October 2018

9-12 months before departure

– On sale now for travel until March 2018

On sale now for travel until October 2018

Have you bagged a bargain booking early? Tell us about it on the Flight Ticket Release Dates forum thread.

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Airline ticket sites

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