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European Tour Packages

Classic architecture, delicious cuisine and cultural delights await you with our European tour packages. Amazing historical landmarks like Stonehenge and the grand city of London can be explored on an escorted tour of England. Get swept away on the breathtaking Danube River on our tour packages to Eastern Europe where you will visit the glorious cities of Vienna and Budapest. Admire the miraculous Colosseum, Sistine Chapel and Leaning Tower of Pisa while on our enchanting Italy tour. Escape to Southern European destinations Morocco and Spain for adventure in the Mediterranean sun. Visit the famous Prado Museum in Madrid or view the majestic mosques of Casablanca.

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I enjoyed my 7 days in London and am glad I did so. Such great food, museums, subways, and the people are so polite. The Cosmos European Masterpiece trip was the best trip I ever took in my life. It is truly a good deal and you should sell more of it.

Traveler on European Masterpiece. May 10 to June 17, 2012

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