Aug 14 2017

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#™ is an all-in-one email marketing and social media solution. Admail makes it easy for your business or organization to create and send professional email marketing campaigns. Watch our Video Tour or call for more information 1-800-479-6233 .

The site is very easy to use, the stats are clear and understandable, best of all, you automatically remove emails after 4 bounces.

Terry Lancaster,

So far we are having great luck using the system and overall are happy with our decision to use

Karen M. Hays, Marketing Director of Discovery

Just wanted to say thanks. My account is active and I’ve send out the broadcast I was waiting to do. So far I think Admail is great – very easy to use, and I love the tracking system.

Amy, Tactician Corporation

This demo made me a believer and our next campaign will surely use one of your cool templates! Thanks for all the effort that went into this for us.

Angela Rao-Brown, SPHR

Perfect! Thank you! I have been recommending Admail to those I know who ask about this type of service. I have been so impressed by your rapidity of support and ease of use of the system.

Stephen, InStep – Custom Footcare Services

Thanks for the support today. You are helping us compete with some big guns in NYC.

James M Eastman, Director of Colophon New Media

Great job! I’ve had more response in hours (bad and good) than I did in the past [several] days.

Tom Paris, Obama Chicago Ball

I used it on Wednesday, and was very impressed as to how quickly it sent out the emails. I know we made the right choice going with your product, and will recommend it to anyone looking for such a solution.

I called in earlier today to ask for some help on a problem we created. Though you didn’t have an easy way to fix it. I just checked and it is fixed. Thanks for the great work and the willingness to solve problems – even for small customers.

Mark, Digital Slipstream

I just used the email search feature for a list that I maintain and would like to say that it is totally _kickass_. Kudos to the developer that came up with an implemented that interface. The automatic refreshes are quick and very useful (and pretty cool too).

Brandon Kranz, IT Specialist/Web Developer at Missouri Athletic Club

You guys are the BEST! Thanks, I just downloaded my entire list with details and got the total number of records expected.


Thank you for making the changes! The page looks perfect.

A. Mead, Advertising Director of National Retail Equipment Liquidators

Admail is easy to use and is a powerful advertising tool. Our customers respond positively to our mailings. We are able to keep our list current which is an invaluable asset for us. You make us look good, Admail.

Lindsey Barrow, Songman Entertainment – The Jesse Charles Band

Thanks for the great service. is an awesome company, excellent phone support and great rates. I have used them for over a year.

Thank you for extending my contract with you for the month, that was very generous of you. I appreciate your intervention with *isp* on my behalf. I also find your service excellent and a great way for me to reach my organizations membership.

Janet N. Cino, Chapter Administrator at FPA of Long Island

Thanks. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the help Dan, Mark and you provided yesterday. Remarkable really. I’m so impressed, we will be looking to push this solution going forward.

Barry, American Legal Claim Services

I love the results as witnessed by some of my friends who use the service. THANK YOU

Your help was greatly appreciated!

Don Unwin, Creative Art Press

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