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Cuenca, Ecuador Panama Hats is Cuenca’s trademark. Cuenca is Ecuador’s 3rd largest city. Cuenca’s cobblestone streets blend naturally with its sights cathedrals and convents. Cuenca is a major center for arts and crafts which are sold in nationally. Montecristi Ecuador This village is internationally renowned for the high quality Montecristi Panama Hats ” they produce. Panama Hats are and always have been from Ecuador and not from Panama). Many cruise ships that dock in the port city of Manta, coordinate trips to Montecristi, Ecuador and all major destinations. Mitad del Mundo Quito Ecuador

Guayaquil, Ecuador – Guayaquil is Ecuador’s Financial Business Capital. Its proximity to the Pacific Ocean has its waterways busy handling 80% of Ecuador exports. Guayaquil is known as Perla del Pacifico (Pearl of the Pacific), due to its gateway from the Pacific. Guayaquil is becoming a tourist destination, this has allowed the country of Ecuador to now offer well rounded Ecuador Travel packages. Playas del Ecuador – Ecuador Amazon Jungle Travel

Ecuador Amazon Jungle Travel – In the eastern part of the country, commonly known as the Amazon Basin, heavy rainfall and high humidity are constant features. There are innumerable varieties of flora, including many of Ecuador’s 4,500 species of orchids, and many plants with medicinal value. Wildlife such as butterflies, bats, monkeys, sloths, parrots, macaws, river dolphins and caimans are easy to view.

Esmeraldas, Ecuador – Esmeraldas is located on Ecuador’s northwestern coast. This oceanside province has become popular among vacationers in recent years as it is home to some of the country’s most stunning beaches and luxurious resorts. Also known as the “Green Province,” Esmeraldas is a great place to go on a river safari or canoe tour.

Manta Ecuador – It is the most important port city in the Province of Manabн. Manta has over 300 kilometers of shoreline, beaches Tarqui, El Murcielago receive great tourism affluence because of the good hotel infrastructure. Bahia de Caraquez

Isla de la Plata is part of the Ecuador’s Machalilla National Park. Renowned for its abundant and exotic wildlife, exquisite unspoiled beaches and rich historical past. Isla de la Plata offers fantastic opportunities for curious travelers. Search for the island’s great number of resident and migratory birds, including blue-footed and masked boobies, frigate birds, pelicans, and giant albatross. Isla de la Plata USD Day Trip.

Ecuador Humpback Whale Watching is bundled with Isla de la Plata tours. I sla de La Plata is a GREAT alternative to a Galapagos Islands Cruise . It’s very simple, you rather spend $3,000 USD in a Galapagos Islands Cruise or spend $50 dollars.

Ecuador Adventure travel programs include multisports activities like climbing glacier covered volcanoes, high altitude and jungle trekking. mountain biking and horseback riding. Whitewater rafting and enduro motor cycling excursions are part of some programs. Finest climbing and Ecuador trekking is found south of Quito in Cotopaxi National Park, whose cone-shaped centerpiece, 19,350ft volcano Cotopaxi, is the world’s tallest active volcano.

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