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Welcome to the new design of Eagles Fly for Leukemia!

As I’m sure you will notice, the site is not 100% yet but we are working to get everything together as soon as possible so keep checking back!

Be sure to check out our Events to see what’s coming up! And now, easily pay for your event registration online through the event’s page!

Save the Date! Fall Golf Classic at Stone Harbor Golf Club on Friday, 9/22/17

For information, click here or contact Darlene Clemente at 609-778-2120 or [email protected]

Welcome to Eagles Fly for Leukemia

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Founded over thirty years ago, Eagles Fly for Leukemia supports pediatric cancer and leukemia research at three Delaware Valley hospitals, helping their world renowned scientists in the quest for a cure.

Why us ?

Our health. It is something we all take for granted until we no longer have it. Words cannot express the agony and anguish parents feel when their child is diagnosed with leukemia.

What we take for granted is no longer a reality for some.

The vision of Eagles Fly for Leukemia is simple. For a leukemia stricken child to awaken free of the oppressive fear and doubt brought by her affliction; for her parents to sleep at night without tears; for siblings to play without guilt.

What It Means

To Find a Cure!

We need to put an end to the fear of the disease. We need to allow parents to sleep at night. We need for children to play as children can. We need to bring an end to this disease!

We gather together to help cancer stricken children and their families continue their fight for a brighter future. They cannot do it alone. Through the efforts and commitments of individuals combined with overwhelming generosity, we have been able to make a difference.

On behalf of Eagles Fly for Leukemia, the hospitals and families we benefit and more importantly the children, thank you for your support.


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Please donate to help our cause here at Eagles Fly for Leukemia.


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