Aug 17 2017

Credit Repair for Bad Credit #how #to #restore #credit #score


Credit Repair for Bad Credit

The creditor reported a repossession on my credit report but did not sell the vehicle until two months later. I had the right to get the car back if I paid the late fees and charges, although I didn t do it. Can a creditor place a repossession report on a credit report before the vehicle is redeemed or auctioned?

My husband and I are not divorced yet, but we re well on our way. We have a number of joint accounts, including a joint checking account. The money in the account is mine, but I m afraid he s going to use it. Yesterday I went to the bank to take him off the account. They said they needed my husband s permission. Maybe I m volatile these days, but I got upset and stormed out. Now I m thinking maybe they were right. Any advice?

I was forced to declare bankruptcy last year because of a layoff. I managed to hold on to my house because I did not have equity in it. I have a new job at 60% of my previous salary and am having trouble making ends meet. I would like to negotiate a lower interest rate with the mortgage holder, but am not eligible for refinancing because of the bankruptcy. How can I approach the lender about this? I am assuming that the bank would rather continue to receive my mortgage payments than foreclose.

I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy seven years ago. I ve been told that it takes ten years for a Chapter 7 to fall off your record. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to get a lower rate on my car loan and credit cards?

I bought my home a few years ago. The previous owners carry the first and only mortgage in the amount of $225,000. I gave $45,000 for the down payment and my payments are $2,000 monthly. I have never been late with a payment. Because I would like to establish good credit, I would like to have this information included in my credit report. Is this possible — and how would I go about it?

How do I get child support arrears onto the deadbeat dad s credit report?

Talk to a Debt Settlement Lawyer.

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