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Low Ping

We strive to reduce ping by ensuring that our servers are kept in only the best data centres with high quality connections to the global internet. By constantly investing in modern hardware while maintaining it to the highest standard we ensure that you wont be unhappy with the pings you are receiving on any of the games that we offer.

Instant Setup

We have setups for each game we offer ready to replicate which have been pre-tested to ensure you get started as quickly as possible. As soon as you place and order and the payment has been confirmed our automated system will have you game server up within a few seconds. Which means you will be able to access your game within minutes of set-up and can play on your server 24/7.

Premium Hardware

We own and maintain all of our gaming dedicated servers with the aim to give our customers more for their money. We only use server components to enhance the performance of all our servers in order to optimise gaming and reduce downtime. None of our servers are overload in order to keep performance at its peak!

Fast Friendly Support

We offer live chat via our customer support or you can contact us with your questions or queries via our dedicated support team. We also included and FAQ on all our games in order to help answer you questions quickly and effectively.

Dedicated Support Team:

About Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth title in the Counter-Strike franchise of online tactical first-person-shooters developed by Valve and was released in 2012 for PC and OS X on Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, and on the PlayStation Network in the US only. The Linux version would be released in 2014. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive features remade classic maps from earlier titles in the series as well as a host of original maps, new characters, and game modes. Originally cross-platform multiplayer was intended to include PC, OS X, Linux, and PSN players but was ultimately dialed back to include PC, OS X, and Linux due to differences in the update frequency between systems.

Like the other titles in the series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is focused on team-based objective achievement with each player playing either for the Terrorist or the Counter-Terrorist team as they attempt to accomplish objectives or eliminate the opposing team. Competition operates in short rounds that end only when a team achieves its objective or when one side is completely wiped out.

Like Counter-Strike: Source, a dead player has to wait until the next round to respawn. Weapons and equipment can be purchased at the beginning of each round with money earned during play based on a player’s performance. Completing objectives and killing the opposition earn the player money while more negative actions such as killing a teammate or hostage will result in a cash penalty. At the end of each round, players receive some amount of cash with players on the winning team getting the most.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive originally began life as a port of Counter-Strike: Source to Xbox Live Arcade by Hidden Path Entertainment. Valve saw an opportunity to turn the port into a full-fledged game and expand on the gameplay. Valve began development in 2010 and revealed it to the public in 2011.

The game went into closed beat on 2011 and was initially limited to about ten thousand beta keys for people who received a key during events that Valve attended to showoff Global Offensive. Initial connectivity issues were addressed and the beta was progressively opened to more and more testers until the beta was opened for anybody to join and play. Prior to that public beta release, Valve invited several Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source players for play-testing.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has received generally positive reviews from video game critics and an 83 out of 100 score by video game review aggregator Metacritic.

Will I have full control over my Reign Of Kings world?

Yes. All our games come with a costume control panel that you can access via the Game Manger button in the menu bar. All game Servers allow you to fully customize your Reign Of Kings experience, this includes changing your game name, allowing admin features, banning players and much more. Our control panel is easy to use, but already comes pre-set with your details that our added in the payment stages, so you don t even have to touch it if you don t want to. Your game will be set up instantly and is hassle free, allowing you to get on quickly and enjoy reign of kings your way.

Do I have to Set up my server?

No. We pre-install all of our servers with your chosen game in order to speed up the process and get you online instantly. However once you have your server set up we offer our own Reign Of Kings control panel that will allow you to change your game preferences including the game name, password protection and loads more.

Can I add mods?

Yes. With our (VPS) Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated server packages you can add any in game mods available. At we believe that our users should be able to play the game their way as we support the growing community content mods that our available via the steam community pages. Mods are easy to install via the Reign Of Kings Server interface installed on your server and you can have your mods installed within minutes with our easy to use guide available with all our server packages.

What Happens If I need help with my server?

Although our servers are pre-installed for you, we offer a full guide on how to optimize and customize your game directly on your desktop to help sort any of the small problems you may run in to. Failing that we have a friendly and fast support team on hand that will help you with any problems that may occur on your server.

How do I know what server to get?

We offer different servers to suite everyone s gaming needs and budgets. Shared Hosting offers a budget experience with the ability to pay per player slot, this is the cheapest way to host.

Will my server be safe?

Yes. We take all the necessary steps to insure that all of our serves are constantly protected from outside threats. We pride ourselves on server safety and work with our data centre in order to keep your gaming experience protected. All our servers include DDOS protection giving you piece of mind.

Do I need to install any extra software?

No. We pre-install all our Reign Of Kings servers giving you a default set up in which you can later add to if you want to change your gaming experience. The only thing you may want to add in the future is mods, which you will have to download via your steam account on your server and then add it to your game in the Reign Of Kings interface. It s easy.

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