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Chiropractor Cost

  • Fees per chiropractic session average $65 for a general vertebrae adjustment, according to a recent survey in Chiropractic Economics magazine.
  • Sessions can range from $34 to $106 per session depending on where you live, how many regions of the spine a chiropractor services and whether exams are required.
  • Average fees are highest in the South, around $70 per session. and lowest in the Midwest, at $60. New patients should expect to pay slightly more on their first visit, from $61 to $161. because an overall health consultation is usually required. Chiropractors charge additional fees for X-rays, which can range from $44 to $159 .
  • Most health insurance plans cover some level of chiropractic care, and treatment is also a tax-deductible medical expense, according to the American Chiropractic Association [1 ] (ACA). Many chiropractors accept insurance or payment plans.

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What should be included:

  • The cost of most general chiropractic sessions includes an adjustment of the vertebrae. Using their hands and arms, doctors apply force to the back and neck to realign joints and relieve pressure or pain, according to the ACA.
  • The length and frequency of sessions depends on the severity of a patient’s need. Patients sometimes experience a brief period of soreness after an adjustment, which generally goes away within a day or two.

Additional costs:

  • Some chiropractors offer additional services, or modalities, to treat chronic ailments and reduce tension. In a recent survey of 365 chiropractors, around 48 percent said they offer massage and 15 percent offer acupuncture, according to Chiropractic Economics.
  • Chiropractors charge an average of $42 for a massage therapy session, where they apply pressure to the body’s muscles and soft tissue.
  • Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese practice of inserting needles into the body’s pressure points to manipulate its energy. Acupuncturists charge $100 to $150 for an initial visit, which generally includes a consultation, and around $65 for follow-up visits.


  • Doctors who operate cash-only practices typically charge less, an average of $57 per session, because they are not concerned about what percentage of reimbursement they will receive from insurance companies, according to the Chiropractic Economics survey.
  • Chiropractors who have a single practice typically charge less, around $63 per session. as opposed to doctors who work in a medical group and charge an average of $70 .

Shopping for a chiropractor:

  • The first step is finding the right doctor. Ask relatives or friends for a recommendation. The American Chiropractic Association offers a directory of members [2 ] .

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