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Corporate Travel

For most companies, business travel represents one of their top expenses. The road to comprehensively managing such can be a difficult task and will ultimately fail without oversight and control. A well-run, managed travel program can greatly mitigate financial loss leakage while delivering Standard of Care for travelers on the road. While a strong travel policy and internal ownership of the travel program are key components of such, the selection of the proper Travel Management Company (TMC) plays a critical role in maximizing the overall value, cost-savings and, ultimately, success of a Company’s travel program.

Consulting / Travel Management

The term travel management is bantered about with too much frequency and indiscretion by the majority of TMCs in the market today. For most, travel management means reacting to a call, situation or opportunity directed by a customer.  At Cain, our Account Management Team engages the PRO model of excellence:  P roactive, R esponsive O wn.   Our Account Managers work to become fully engaged in the success of our customers travel programs by providing expertise best practice consulting relative to meeting the specific unique needs, requirements and expectations of such across our customer base.

Reporting / Data Consolidation

Recognizing that 3 rd party, off-the-shelf reporting systems are not robust and are difficult to customize, Cain released version 1 of our proprietary reporting solution in the early 2000s.  Since then, our reporting system has seen multiple new releases and is used extensively by our customers. Our reporting engine features live pre-travel data (through web services) and post ticket information to comprehensively support the travel management programs of our clientele. Reporting data may be viewed 24/7 on our reporting site which is integrated with each customized client portal, or may be broadcast in a variety of formats.

In addition, Cain offers the Ibank reporting tool to our customers that use our CGA (Cain Global Alliance) Network and require the roll-up/consolidation of travel booking spend information across multiple continents. Through this offering, our customers with multiple locations around the world have the ability to receive globally centralized travel spend data in one view.

Travel Policy Enforcement

Through proprietary development, Cain can provide comprehensive travel policy enforcement  through both agent-assisted online reservations. Out-of-policy events are documented for online reporting, and/or detailed delivered via broadcast reporting on a daily basis to individual department/cost center managers, if desired.  Further, Cain has developed multiple travel approval solutions that allow a Company to proactively watch manage travel purchases while providing the opportunity to cancel/deny the reservation at the time of booking.  Determining out-of-policy purchases after the fact does little to help a Company s bottom line. Cain s unique solutions offerings permit the ability to proactively monitor purchases pre-travel which provides the opportunity to avoid costly, out-of-policy reservations.

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