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Mann Travels Corporate Travel Services

Why Choose Mann Travels?

Mann Travels has been serving corporate clients since 1979 offering individualized personal service, expert reporting and the very best customer service.

Our full-service program has one goal, providing YOU , our corporate account, with one stop travel management which will help streamline your travel needs and controlling your travel costs.

Mann Travels will customize a travel policy that fulfills your needs, we will assist in negotiating contracts and our corporate service professionals will help you get the most from your travel dollars.

In addition to a staff of highly trained corporate travel professionals, ready to help your travelers, we also a web-based booking tool for those who prefer to be more hands on.

For more information on how Mann Travels can help you manage your travel and control costs, please contact Linda Kornegay-Hunter, Director of Corporate Sales:

Linda Kornegay-Hunter

Director of Corporate Sales

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