Sep 20 2017

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Single Trip Travel Insurance

Find the best travel insurance quote for your trip

Who needs single trip cover?

If travelling once or twice per year, single trip cover can be a cost effective solution when it comes to making sure you are covered for a variety of eventualities.

Our comparison tool will allow you to compare policies from a wide variety of UK travel insurance companies and you can tailor the policy to your individual requirements by including extras such as winter sports, holiday money and baggage cover.

As the name suggests, single trip cover will give you the protection you need for one particular trip, and cheap single trip policies start from under 10 when purchased for a typical seven day holiday.

What does single trip travel insurance cover?

With a single trip policy you’ll usually be covered for a combination of eventualities, this can include: injury illness, holiday cancellation, public liability. loss of baggage, theft of holiday money possessions and emergency repatriation.

A comprehensive insurance policy will usually also give you access to a 24 hour manned emergency telephone number to ensure any claim is resolved quickly and efficiently.

Cover can be arranged for the exact number of days you require and is suitable for a single person or a couple.

What cover levels should I look for?

When searching for single trip deals, it’s important to make sure you find a policy with the features and cover levels you need at a competitive price. Choosing a policy based on price alone can lead to you missing out on valuable cover in important areas.

We recommend that you aim to get the following minimum levels of cover when running quotes to find a single trip holiday insurance policy:

Medical cover of at least 2million (aim for 3-4million when travelling to the USA). This should also include the cost of an air ambulance back to the UK.

Personal liability cover in the region of 1 million.

Cancellation cover equal to or higher than the value of your holiday to ensure you can recoup the cost should the unexpected occur. This should also cover pre-paid excursions and activities you’ve booked so don’t forget to include these in the total value.

Cover is usually sold on a per person basis so you would need 1,500 worth of cover each if the total value of your holiday came to 3,000.

Baggage and personal belongings cover should cover the cost of replacing the personal items you are bringing with you. Expensive digital cameras and laptops can exceed the single item limit on some policies as it is common for insurers to cap the amount you can claim on any one item.

How can I save money on single trip insurance cover?

It is important to remember that cheap single trip travel insurance may not always give you the cover level you need and you will usually find that the excesses you would need to pay in the event of a claim can be higher on a cheaper policy.

To get a great deal on your travel cover when browsing through single trip insurance quotes, it’s best to compare a number of policies to ensure you can get a good combination of price vs. cover levels and then narrow the search down to a couple of prospective policies.

If you travel three or more times a year, a single trip policy is unlikely to be the most cost effective solution to your insurance needs and you should consider an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy.

If you are travelling with your family, purchasing a number of single trip policies may not be the best option. Instead, you should look for family holiday insurance which could save you some money in the process and may include extras such as additional baggage cover.

Likewise, if you plan to travel with a group, you should investigate a group travel insurance policy as this may present the best value for money solution and you can usually add extras such as cover for water sports and skiing.

Possible exclusions

In common with the majority of travel insurance products, you may find that dangerous activities – such as winter sports, climbing, bungee jumping and diving – are not covered under the standard terms and conditions of a policy.

In many cases a claim can be rendered void if the insurer finds out that the policy holder was inebriated or under the influence of illegal drugs at the time of an accident.

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