Sep 6 2018

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Cheap flights

Cheap flight comparisons powered by Skyscanner [1]

  • Find cheap flight tickets for the date, airport and airline that suits you
  • Compare one-way and return flights to Europe, America and beyond
  • No hidden charges and a free, unbiased service – book with confidence

When do flight prices change?

When’s the best time to book a flight?

What time of day is it cheapest to fly?

Thanks to our pals at Skyscanner [1] , we can help you find flights without sky high prices.

You can quickly root out the cheapest deal from the millions of airports and airlines that we check.

Get informed

And it’s all free – sweet!

Ticket types

Some airlines allow you to choose between different ticket classes. So how will you be flying?

  • Standard economy – the cheapie option, you’ll get a nice regular seat
  • Premium economy – a bit more leg room, maybe some leg rests and pretty nice food
  • Business class – ooh, get you! Double the leg room as well as extra viewing options, proper nice food and possibly an eye mask
  • First class – as much leg room as you can get as well as a bit of privacy and even pyjamas!

Cheap flight tips

Well, we like to help you out, don’t we? Here are some tantalising titbits to keep in mind:

  • Be a bit flexible with your dates

Plane and simple

  • If you check in on time but are prevented from boarding as the plane is full, the airline must offer you financial compensation
  • If you’re delayed for more than five hours, the airline must offer you a full ticket refund

Things to remember

Make sure your passport’s in date and find out whether you need a visa to go on hols – we don’t want any disappointed faces at the airport.

You’ll also want to triple check that you’re flying to the right airport because that could get pretty awkward.

A lot of airlines allow you to check in online so if this is an option, you might have time to grab a cheeky pint/burger/souvenir at the airport – treat yo’self!

Finally, give yourself plenty of time so you’re not dashing around before departure.

Find out more

Our cracking guides can help you to find the right airline and the right flight, with detailed descriptions of the different ticket classes available and of how scheduled flights differ from both charter flights and those provided by budget/low-cost/no-frills operators.

You can also read up on the different types of flights, and discover more about tickets, checking in, delayed flight compensation, lost and delayed luggage, and the value to be gained through paying by credit card.

We’ve also got a booking checklist and information on scheduled airline failure insurance (Safi).

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