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Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

The University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank (UCCBB), a major component of ClinImmune Labs, has a seventeen year history of collecting, processing, banking and distributing cord blood for human transplantation. UCCBB is a public cord blood bank. which has consented 30,000 women and banked over 8,500 cord blood units, of which more than 770 have been transplanted at over 150 different transplant centers in the United States and abroad. UCCBB is a major provider of Hispanic cord blood units to patients in the United States, Mexico, and Central and South America.

UCCBB is accredited by AABB and licensed by the FDA (May 24, 2012 Approval Letter-HPC, Cord Blood ). The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) awarded UCCBB a cord blood collection contract beginning in 2006. UCCBB provides cord blood to stem cell investigators in Michigan, New York, Tennessee, Washington, and Colorado. The bank is managed by immunogeneticists and stem cell transplant physicians with decades of experience in this field. Its parent organization, ClinImmune Labs, provides sophisticated HLA high resolution DNA typing, hematopoietic stem cell processing, flow cytometry and regulatory oversight to the cord blood bank. All cord blood units are processed in a Class 10000 cGMP processing facility.

With support from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Arizona Biomedical Research Commission (ABRC). ClinImmune Labs and UCCBB initiated a collaborative inter-state program to collect cord blood in Arizona, at St. Joseph s Hospital and Medical Center, Abrazo Central Hospital, Maricopa Integrated Health System and Tucson Medical Center. Save the Cord Foundation has been active in educating Arizona citizens about the value of public and private cord blood collection.

In May 2015, UCCBB added Community Regional Medical Center (CRMC) as a collection hospital in Fresno, California.

For parents who wish to privately store their baby’s cord blood and/or tissue, ClinImmune Labs and the University of Colorado have established the CariCord Cord Blood Bank; The Family Bank at the University of Colorado.

Watch a short video about cord blood donation.

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