Sep 19 2017

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The Principal Reports:

As we come to the end of the 2016-17 academic year, I have been reflecting over the many achievements and celebrations of success that I have written about in my previous blogs throughout the past twelve months. I thought I would take this opportunity, in my final blog of this academic year, to remind everyone of just a few of the highlights.
Without doubt, last year was one of the most successful years in terms of achievement for our school; being recognised as the top performing school in the whole of Essex for the progress our students make whilst at CCHS. The success of this school is built upon our vision for the students of ‘higher expectations, raising aspirations’. We set high standards inside and outside of the classroom and, with parental support; we shall continue to seek to maintain these exceptional outcomes for our students.
There were also many personal and collective outstanding performances by our children. I have written about spectacular individual academic achievements, sporting stars, school competitions, learning on location, cultural visits and fund-raising, to mention just a few things. The efforts our students will go to for both the school and our wider community, never ceases to amaze me. Their kindness and generosity is seen with how they continually look at ways to raise money throughout the year for a range of charitable causes, some local and some wider world issues. I see how our PROUD ethos (Presentation, Respect, Organisation, Understanding, Determination) permeates through all aspects of school life; often without our children even realising it.
It is important to recognise and acknowledge the hard work and commitment put in by both staff and students which goes on unabated throughout the year. Nowhere was this more evident than in the end of year summer musical production of ‘Made in Dagenham’. If you did not get an opportunity to see it, I can tell you it was fantastic; enthusiastic, witty and highlighted an important time in our recent social history regarding equal rights. My thanks to all involved, it was one of my favourite school musicals to date.
This was followed on Tuesday, 11th July with the annual PE awards, which celebrated a wide range of talents, not just record breakers but also those students who have exceeded way beyond their own personal expectations. There has certainly been some fantastic sporting achievements and we finished our sporting calendar of events on Thursday, 13th July with a Race for Life during our final REAL day.
At this stage of the year, we have just said goodbye to our Year 13 students and to the Year 11 cohort as a whole; although many will be coming back in September for our Sixth Form. They have worked very hard and it has been an intense time, but I hope they are all rewarded on the results days in August with the grades they deserve. Good luck to all those awaiting results.
We are all crossing our fingers for hot and sunny weather during the holidays and young people love to enjoy the beach and the sea. However, the sea and the sun can be very dangerous, so please make sure your child is aware of the potential dangers of both and that they take care of themselves when out and about. Also a word of caution about social media; I urge parents to make sure you are aware of who your children are in interacting with online. Meeting new people can be a very exciting experience, but children are exceedingly trusting and therefore vulnerable to online predators who come in many guises. Our safeguarding team has produced a newsletter, which you can find a link to via our website, and this has important information and advice to help support you in keeping your child safe.
The cycle of school life continues as one group leaves, another arrives and we look forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students in September. It is an extremely exciting time for us, as we get to know the new members of our school community, both the children and their families, as all settle into CCHS life.
Finally, I wish you all a very happy, healthy and sunny summer holiday. I look forward to seeing students back in school, for Year 7 and Sixth Form on Tuesday, 5th September and the rest of the school on Wednesday, 6th September.
Neil Gallagher, Principal CCHS

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Latest News

Summer Holiday

School is now closed for the Summer Break.

Key Dates during the Holiday

Year 6 into 7 – Uniform Day
2nd August – 11am to 2pm
School Gym

Key Dates during the Holiday

A-Level Results
17th August – 9am to 12 noon

GCSE Results
24th August – 9am to 12 noon

Year 12 Enrolment Interviews
24th August

Start of Autumn Term
September 2017

Year 7 and Sixth Form
Tuesday 5th September
School starts at 8.45am

Year 8 to 11
(Whole School)

Wednesday 6th September
School starts at 8.45am

Key Dates in September

Annual Celebration Evening
Thursday 21st September

A special evening to recognise the success of our Year 11 and Year 13 students.

Annual Open Evening
Thursday 28th September

We invite Year 6 students and their parents across the distruct to join us from 6.30pm.

Year 11 Prom 2017
Photos now Online

Follow the link.

In the Latest Parent News

Celebrating the Achievements of our Students
Formula 24 Car back on the track
Celebrating Student Attendance
Stimulating Interest in Engineering
Engineers Excel at Southampton University
CCHS Race for Life
Whole School Careers Focus
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