Oct 13 2017

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The municipality of Ballarat has a rich and living heritage.

From at least 40,000 years ago the Wadawurung and Dja Dja Wurrung Indigenous people call this country home. Their words ‘balla arat’ means ‘resting place’ or ‘bent elbow.

The first white settler – Archibald Yuille – called his property ‘Ballaarat’ in 1837 and gold was discovered at Buninyong in 1851.

At daybreak on the 3rd of December 1854 120 gold miners were attacked by a government force of British soldiers and Victorian police at Ballarat. The Eureka Rebellion became one of Australia s defining moments.

“We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties” ( Eureka Oath, November, 1854)

Ballarat’s heritage is part of the rich tapestry of who we are as a place and a community and its survival is integral for future generations. Tomorrow’s heritage is also evolving today through its young people, residents, new community members, and business community.

Ballarat Heritage Database

The database is searchable by heritage place name, street name or heritage overlay (HO) number.

Heritage Grants and Loans

Owners of Ballarat heritage properties can receive financial assistance for preserving and restoring their properties through the heritage grants program

Heritage Awards

The Ballarat Heritage Awards recognise those in our community who have demonstrated excellence in retention, restoration, enhancement and reuse of our heritage places

Ballarat and UNESCO Historic Urban Landscape Approach

Ballarat is implementing the Historic Urban Landscape approach through a strategic cooperation agreement with the World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific Region

Heritage Advisory Committee

The Heritage Advisory Committee brings together key players in heritage management, promotion and education to assist Council

Heritage Advisory Service

Council offers a free heritage advisory service for property owners within the heritage overlay.

League of Historical Cities

In 1998 Ballarat City Council became a member of the WLHC and is one of only three Australian cities

Learn About Heritage

Heritage is important to our community and survive for future generations to view, understand and appreciate.

Finding Your Heritage

Resources for finding your own heritage

Heritage Research

Research your home, preserve precious family objects, research your family history (genealogy), and find photos or information on Ballarat’s history or events.

Project & Studies

Learn about Heritage Projects and Studies within the Ballarat municipality.

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Heritage Trade Consultants Directory

Do you need to find a heritage consultant or a tradesperson with skills in traditional methods such as hard plaster, casement windows or slate or shingle rooves? This page links to Heritage Victoria’s trade and consultant directory and other sources of information such as Period Home Renovators Magazine.

Sourcing Heritage Consultants and Tradespeople

Heritage Victoria operates a directory of consultants and tradespeople who undertake a range of heritage related work.

Anyone who wishes to be included in the Heritage Victoria website – Heritage Consultants and Contractors Directory must meet certain minimum criteria and demonstrate their qualifications and experience in the heritage conservation field. Heritage Victoria or City of Ballarat cannot, however, guarantee the accuracy of all the details provided by consultants and contractors, so you should check all the information provided.

Being included in the Heritage Consultants Directory does not imply that a consultant or contractor is endorsed or approved by Heritage Victoria, the Department of Planning and Community Development, the Heritage Council of Victoria or the City of Ballarat.

Specialist magazines such as the Period Home Renovator include information on housing styles and product pages on fences, gardens, timber, brick, stone, roofing, exterior decoration, doors, windows, joinery, walls, ceilings, flooring, fireplaces, lighting, interior decoration, bathrooms, kitchens and furniture.

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