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It’s time to take advantage of the best cheap car rentals

Fort Lauderdale Car Rentals

Car Rental Express prefers to keep options open for travelers. That’s why we have 19 cheap car rental agencies ready to choose from in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you’re here to take care of business or have dinner at a Polynesian show, expect to get there in fashion at the cheapest rates.

Las Vegas Rental Cars

Whether you win or lose at the tables, you’ll save if you utilize one of our trusted cheap car rental providers in Las Vegas. Even if part of a franchise, they operate independently. That means they are going to charge a lot less than the majors, who need to cover overhead.

Los Angeles Car Rentals

When it’s time to get around LA, choose from one of almost 20 independent companies. And every selection promises a cheap Los Angeles car rental, minimizing the cost of your trip! You won’t find many of these options anywhere except at Car Rental Express.

Miami Rental Cars

There is probably no better place in the world to party. And Car Rental Express is the best place to get the cheapest car rental rates in Miami. Take those saved dollars and enjoy an extra day at the Seaquarium, Jungle Island or the Bass Museum of Art.

New York Car Rentals

Car Rental Express offers access to over 11 independent cheap car rental agencies throughout the Big Apple, including full airport and downtown location coverage. Most of these have a shuttle service to get you on the road fast.

Orlando Car Rentals

One of the most famous tourist destinations in the world is also one of the best places to get a cheap car rental. We have close to two dozen agencies operating in the Orlando area and you won’t get better rates. Use our Renter Rating™ to find the service that best fits your schedule and needs.

San Francisco Car Rentals

We’re happy to say customers give high praise to the cheap car rental options offered by Car Rental Express’s affiliates in the Golden Gate city of San Fancisco. Customers received courteous service and within minutes of arrival were behind a wheel and beginning their trip.

San Juan Rental Cars

With all our providers, expect a cheap solution for your car rental needs. Most agencies beat out major brands. With a half dozen reputable, experienced and cheap rental agencies available at Car Rental Express, you’ll enjoy Puerto Rico’s most exotic locale that much more.

Toronto Car Pearson Airport Rentals

When visiting this beautiful city, find cheap rental cars from one of our agencies. Of the 15 agencies to choose from in Toronto and at Pearson Airport. Car Rental Express provides Renter-Rated™. That’s a program where consumers share rental experiences and where our rental agencies come out on top.

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