Mar 8 2019

Cheap Flights Asia: Low Cost, No Frills, Low Fare – Budget Airlines in Asia (attitude Travel), low cost.

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Cheap Flights Asia: Low Cost, No Frills

Low Fare, Budget Airlines in Asia

News and Offers:

New low cost routes to South Asia

Air Asia will fly beyond the borders of Southeast Asia with new routes to both India and Bangladesh.

Attempts by other cheap Asian airlines such as Mihin Lanka, Nok Air Fly Yeti to operate low cost flights across the Bay of Bengal, linking South Asia with Southeast Asia have so far all failed. Only the Indian LCC AI Express currently links Thailand Singapore to India Bangladesh.

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Mihin Lanka will fly again.

Sri Lanka’s only low fare airline, grounded for most of 2008, expects to take to the skies again in December.

Mihin Lanka is uniquely placed to offer inter-regional low cost routes linking the Persian Gulf to Southeast Asia. But the revived carrier will now face increased competition from aggressively expanding low cost rivals AI Express and Air Asia.

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Air Deccan is now Kingfisher Red

India’s pioneering no-frills airline Air Deccan has been swallowed up whole by Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher. The phoenix rising from Deccan‘s ashes is Kingfisher Red.

Crucially, this means that what was once the cheapest air network in India has now been superceded by leaner, meaner competitors such as spiceJet, IndiGo and also GoAir, based out of Goa. And in India, of course, there’s always the train.

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Where does each Low Cost Asian Airline fly?

Choose a destination or departure country from the map below.

Airlines are listed under the countries in which they are based. Clicking on each airline will bring up the full list of destination and departure countries for each budget airline.

Coming soon: Low Cost Route Tables!

The attitude Travel low cost route tables are a new reference tool designed to save you time and help you plan low cost itineraries quickly and easily. We’re delighted to announce that the low cost route tables are close to launching. Here’s a taster of what’s coming soon.

Asian Budget Airlines – Quick Reference

Sixty-one no-frills and low fare airlines currently serve over one hundred cities and islands across the subcontinental regions of South Asia, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia. Some budget carriers only fly domestic routes within their country of origin, others operate international routes, connecting nearby countries. Mid-haul and long-haul discount airlines fly to destinations in Asia from Australia or New Zealand, the Middle East or Europe. Here’s the complete at-a-glance list of low cost airlines operating cheap flights across Asia:

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