Oct 1 2017

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Charlotte Irrigation Services



I spoke with Todd about a soggy area in my backyard, and he said it was probably due to a leak in my underground irrigation system. He quickly put me on the schedule. Oscar and his assistant found all of the leaks the system had, and fixed everything to perfection in a little over a day (my bad for letting the system go for so long). Oscar evaluated the over-all system and stream-lined it by removing several redundant sprinkler heads which really boosted the water flow. My back and front yards now have perfect sprinkler coverage. THIS is the way the system should have been set up in the beginning! I wish I would have found Charlotte Irrigation when the system was first put in, since they would have done it correctly the first time!
Oscar and his assistant were knowledgeable and friendly, and worked diligently to complete the job. I would recommend Charlotte Irrigation to anyone who wants a new system, or who has problems with their existing system. This company rocks

This was our third irrigation company we’ve had since moving to Lake Wylie, and by far the best than the others! We needed our timer to be replaced and a rain sensor added. The technician was on time and efficient and the cost was the best, as well as, he answered all of my questions. I can definitely recommend Charlotte Irrigation given my experience today and will use them again in the future as our system needs service. Thank you Todd and your team for a job well done!

Andy Frank
Oscar did an excellent job. He checked everything out and explained to me how everything worked. He also set the times for all the stations. This was greatly appreciated since this is a new system and wasn’t sure how it worked (installed by a different company). Pricing was very fair. I would highly recommend Charlotte Irrigation for your needs.

After several years of neglecting having my older system serviced, I discovered Charlotte Irrigation via a Goggle search. Todd returned my call shortly after I left a message on Thursday October 27th. When I explained it hadn’t been serviced for a long time with two zones not working he said he would send out a two man team to check all zones to check for issues first. Then they would review problems with me and to get OK prior to repairs. Todd said he would work in my job either Friday, Saturday or Monday would call to notify when the crew would arrive. As he said, he called me Monday October 31th telling me his crew could get here in about an hour. The two man team arrived and were very nice and professional in checking and doing the repairs. I was impressed with their care in replacing sprinklers heads so they didn’t damage my plants or the newer fall grass. They worked for several hours due to the number of zones repairs needed. It was great to have system functioning properly again! I’m on their schedule to have the system winterized and turned off for the winter prior to freezing weather. I certainly paid for numerous split sprinkler heads because I failed to for several years. Thanks to Charlotte Irrigation and Todd for the work done and reminding me of the importance of regular maintenance. I would recommend using them.


  • Pressurize Mainline. Typically we will need access to the irrigation valve in the basement of the home
  • Pressurize Backflow. Backflow Testing is a separate service provided at an additional cost
  • Verify the mainline is intact and not leaking by watching that the water meter comes to a complete stop at the time of service
  • Walk through ALL zones to check for proper coverage at time of service
  • Checking each turf rotor to make sure they are rotating at time of service
  • Checking for clogged heads at the time of service
  • Checking for leaks that are detectable at the time of service
  • Checking timer and programming for current weather at time of service
  • ( . PLEASE. let the technicians know if you have a preference as to what days you would like your system to run. You may not want the system to run the day your lawn gets mowed.)
  • Checking for heads that have been overgrown by turf at time of service
  • Checking for misaligned spray patterns at time of service
  • Checking for snow plow damage noticeable at time of service (Any repairs made for snow plow damage that our requested by the homeowner will be billed to the homeowner and will be paid by the homeowner at time of service. We do not bill third party companies and we do not extend credit to homeowners in order for them bill another company for the service work we completed that was requested by the homeowner.)
  • Checking for heads that are stuck in the up or down position at the time of service
  • Checking for broken/defective/worn out heads at the time of service
  • (optional ) The rain sensor is checked for effective operation at time of service
  • (optional ) Cleaning area around turf heads that may disrupt spray pattern at time of service
  • (optional ) Cleaning out manifold boxes of any debris at time of service
  • (optional ) Cleaning out filters of sprinkler heads that are effecting performance at time of service
  • (optional ) Cleaning out valves
  • (optional ) Replacing the battery in the controller at a cost of $5.50. Unless one provided by owner
  • (optional ) Checking outdoor lighting for burned out bulbs or possible electrical issues at time of service

Minor repairs will be done at this time and larger repairs will be scheduled upon customer approval. All repairs are on a “Time + Material” basis and are up and above the price of the Spring Start-up service.When possible it is beneficial to have the property owner present at the time of service. This will ensure customer satisfaction and reduced the chance of additional service calls.

Backflow testing is testing of the backflow equipment on water systems to make sure it is working properly. In the event of municipal system pressure loss it could potentially allow the water from contaminated areas of private systems to flow back into the municipal water supply creating a toxic situation. Maintenance of Backflow are Critical to Safe (Potable) Drinking Water Systems.

We are dedicated to the inspection of your backflow preventer valves. We test annually and pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in both customer service as well as our work. We are currently servicing North Carolina.

What is the best sprinkler system?

Your sprinkler system: Customers call in and state that their system is a Toro. or it is a Rainbird system. Typically systems comprise of many different components.

  • The sprinkler timer may be a Toro.
  • The sprinkler valve may be a Rainbird.
  • The sprinkler backflow may be a Febco
  • The piping may be PVC or Poly.
  • The Sprinkler rain sensor may be a Irritrol.
  • The sprinkler heads may be Hunter.

Many of these system components work well with each other and some components are recommended more than others. A quality system will comprise of an array of different manufacturers.

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