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Car Rental through easyJet with Europcar

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24.1 Your contract for Car Rental is with Europcar and We arrange the provision of these services in Our capacity as Disclosed Agent for Europcar. All quotes We offer are offered on behalf of Europcar and acceptance of the quote authorises easyJet to make full payment of the Car Rental price to Europcar on behalf of the Passengers.

24.2 Your contract for Car Rental is governed by these Terms and Conditions and by the applicable Europcar Terms and Conditions of service set out at at the time the contract is concluded with easyJet.

24.3 Rates include standard Car Rental, and any optional extras You have chosen including but not limited to additional drivers, child seats, insurance, and upgrades. You also have the possibility to request further optional extras at the Car Rental counter when You collect Your car for rental and these items will be payable directly to Europcar at this time. A VALID MAJOR CREDIT CARD (BUT NOT DEBIT CARD) MUST BE PRESENTED TO THE EUROPCAR RENTAL COUNTER AT TIME OF PICK-UP TO COVER ANY ADDITIONAL ANTICIPATED CHARGES NOT COVERED BY THE PREPAYMENT AMOUNT. This credit card must be in the name of the driver given for the Car Rental booking. Please not that Visa Electron is only accepted by Europcar for rentals in Spain, Portugal and the UK. For Car Rentals in these countries, if this is Your only credit card, Your account must hold sufficient funds for the Deposit (as described in Article 24.3.2) to be charged when You collect Your vehicle. For rentals in other countries, You must present another valid major credit card at the time of pick-up.

24.3.1 An authorisation for a Deposit will be required at the start of the rental period. The authorisation procedure allows Europcar to assess the final transaction amount and receive the protection of an authorisation before the start of the rental period. It confirms that the card holder s bank account is valid and within the available spending limit.

24.3.2 Europcar estimates the amount required for authorisation and requests an electronic authorisation from the card holder s issuing bank (the Deposit ).

24.3.3 The amount of the Deposit depends on the local policy of the rental location and may vary from one country to another. From a general perspective, the amount of the Deposit usually covers:

  • The vehicle rental rate per day including tax;
  • Possible mileage charges; and
  • Additional equipment(s) and services the Passenger has selected.

24.3.4 The amount of the Deposit stays valid for the length of the Car Rental agreement period.

24.3.5 The amount of the Deposit subject to authorisation is set out in writing on the rental agreement provided by Europcar.

24.3.6 The corresponding charges will be posted to the credit card at the end of the rental period.

24.3.7 In some countries, a non-waivable amount (also known as the Excess) may be payable by the driver if the vehicle is stolen or damaged, for whatever reason, even if the Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Waiver and/or Loss and Damage Waiver have been purchased or are included in the rates.

24.4 Amendments to Car Rental Bookings are not possible. In order to amend a Car Rental Booking the original Booking must be cancelled and a new Booking created by using the links to Europcar on

24.5 All cancellations must be made by accessing the original Booking via My on the home page and following the instructions to cancel a Car Rental Booking. Cancellations will take effect at the date and time the cancellation is successfully recorded by the easyJet web site.

24.6 If you have booked your car rental during your flight booking process, you must call the easyJet Customer Services team if you wish to cancel or modify your booking.

To modify a booking you will first need to cancel the original as stated above and then make a new booking via .

The amount initially charged will be refunded to your Credit Card by easyJet. Please note that there is no fee charged for cancelling a booking unless it is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the collection time stated on the booking. The fee for cancelling with less than 24 hours notice is 50 or the equivalent in your local currency.

24.7 No refunds shall be given if You fail to collect the vehicle on the Car Rental start date and fail to notify easyJet in advance of this date.

24.8 In the event of an easyJet Flight disruption, You will be entitled to a full refund of Your Car Rental, with no cancellation fees charged, provided You cancel Your Car Rental with easyJet as soon as You decide not to travel on the original dates booked and provided You cancel as follows:

24.8.1 if the Flight disruption is at least 24 hours in advance of Your original booked departure date You can access Your Car Rental Booking via view/change Your booking on the home page and cancel as above for a full refund.

24.8.2. If the Flight disruption is communicated to You on the day of travel You must contact the easyJet Customer Service Team as soon as reasonably possible to advise You wish to cancel the Car Rental element of Your Booking. 24.8.3 In the event of easyJet Flight disruption where You decide to continue with Your Booked Flight, You must notify the Europcar car rental counter at Your destination airport and advise them of Your new arrival time. If You do not do so, You may lose Your booked Car Rental or the Car Rental counter may not be open on Your arrival. You will find the telephone number of the relevant Car Rental counter in Your easyJet Confirmation Document. Europcar reserves the right to charge a fee for out of hours rentals.

24.9 For the avoidance of doubt, disruption shall be taken to mean a change to the scheduled departure time of Your original outbound easyJet Flight of more than 2 hours.

24.10 All Car Rentals and purchases of Maxi-Cover are subject to the Car Rental terms and conditions and to any applicable terms and conditions in effect by Europcar at the time and place of Car Rental. Minimum Car Rental age and pre-requisites to drive a Europcar vehicle may vary from country to country and by car category.

24.11 All drivers must have a valid driving licence in effect at least one year (or more according to the country in which the Car Rental is taking place and the category of car being rented) prior to the Car Rental start date and they must present it to the Europcar rental counter at the commencement of the Car Rental. A valid major credit card (but not debit card) must be presented at the time of Car Rental as provided in Article 24.3 above.

24.12 Young drivers may be subject to a mandatory surcharge in some countries. If the Passenger does not select this option during their Booking, the surcharge amount will be applied when You collect Your Rental Car. The table below gives an indication of prices. YOUNG DRIVER SURCHARGE PER COUNTRY All amounts are excluding taxes

24.13 The Young Driver Surcharge is not applicable in the following countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Morocco, Holland, Romania, Sweden and Turkey.

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