Sep 4 2017

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Hear what our vehicle donors have to say

When Irene and Dennis Moore reach the end of the road with their cars and decide to replace them, the couple doesn’t trade them in; they roll them over to the American Red Cross. Car donation organizations.

“It’s an easy way to donate,” Irene said. “I appreciate the work the Red Cross does for so many people. It’s such a worthy cause.”

You could say the Moores have good karma with the Red Cross.

Over the past several years, Irene and Dennis have donated a total of four family cars – two minivans, an SUV and even a Cadillac. Irene is currently driving a 2012 Subaru and when that vehicle is ready for turnover, she’ll call the Red Cross again to come get it.

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In return, supporters like the Moores, who donate a car to the Red Cross Vehicle Donation Program, receive a tax credit and don’t have to hassle with trade-ins at used lots or run classified ads to find a buyer. Instead, donors have the satisfaction of knowing proceeds from the sale of their vehicles are supporting the work of the Red Cross.

The couple became supporters of the Red Cross after their daughter needed a blood transfusion as an infant. Irene, a retired Northwestern University microbiologist from Evanston, thinks donating the cars sets a nice example for her teenaged children not to become attached to material things when they can be used to help someone in need.

The vehicle donation program has been an option to vehicle owners in the Moores’ home state of Illinois for many years. The program opened in 2013 to drivers in all 50 states through a partnership with the Donation Division of Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA).

Vehicles of all types are accepted including cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, snowmobiles, jet skis, tractors and more. Really, almost anything with a motor– in almost any condition. The Red Cross even accepts vehicles that don’t work.

“The vehicle is hauled away at no cost to the donor and then sold by the IAA’s Donation Division with the proceeds going to the Red Cross, where an average of 91 cents of every dollar the Red Cross spends is invested in humanitarian services and programs,” said LaKeva Lucas, Vehicle Donation Program, Operations Manager. “People may think their old vehicle is worthless but the donation could be priceless to someone in need of Red Cross services.”

That’s some good karma, indeed.

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