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“I wish I had the money to take vacations ”.  Do you find yourself saying that as you view your friends’ online photos of the great vacations they have taken?

I use to say that to myself as well.  I made the decision to take more mini-vacations and travel internationally.  So far, I’ve been to Cancun. Punta Cana. Jamaica. and New Orleans just to name a few.  I decided to start a blog to share my travel experiences, opportunities to travel with payment plans, and tips on traveling, to take people from “wishing for” to “going on vacation”.

I do want to give you this WARNING Please beware of SUPER CHEAP VACATION PACKAGES.  Remember . you get what you pay for and more than likely the vendor has a HIGHER PRICED item in mind for you to purchase once they get you where they want you.

I plan to share some blog posts that will also talk about timeshare ownership.  I got lured into the timeshare world by A SUPER CHEAP vacation package to Orlando, Florida. to attend a 120 minute high-pressure sales presentation to showcase a timeshare product.

The thought of vacationing when I wanted and staying in 4 star or higher accommodations was great at the time, but when the yearly and/or monthly maintenance fees kicked in the thought soured.

Initially, I totally loved my ownership.  I would use the timeshare for family vacations and as gifts to my friends.  Then I got tired of the fees.  Now, I’ve fallen back in love with my timeshare ownership.

Be on the lookout for future posts on how you too can maximize the benefits and get more use out of your timeshare ownership.

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