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Cheap Travel vs. Budget Travel: There s a Difference Budget travel is a way of seeing the world and getting the most value for your money, not a contest to see how cheap someone can travel. Adam Seper is here to give his opinion on the budget traveler vs. the cheap traveler.

Budget Travel by Bike: How You Can Do It for $14 Per Day Are you interested in getting off the beaten path, reducing your carbon footprint, and traveling the world for as little as $14 per day? Jennifer Miller gives you five great reasons to trade that heavy backpack for the freedom of two wheels.

Getting Around Eastern Europe Tips to Save Money and Reduce the Hassle Eastern Europe is filled with newly-popular destinations, and you might not think getting from place to place would be complicated, but it usually is. Cristina Puscas is a native travel writer who offers expert advice on how to do it cheapest and best.

Wanna Travel Sooner? Would you like to travel now, instead of later? Would you like to travel for six months instead of two? How about a lifetime? Jennifer Miller shares some secrets to funding your travels sooner rather than later.

Hitchhiking Tips for Central Asia Fancy some real Central Asian adventure to feel like an explorer on the Silk Road? In this case, please read on, as Marco Ferrarese – who has recently completed an overland hitchhiking trip from Singapore to Europe – has a set of tips ready to help you find a ride across the region. Learn how to tackle greedy Uzbek drivers, score lifts across the Tajik mountains, dodge the Turkmen foreign travelers’ restrictions, and end up with multiple invitations to visit your hosts’ families for the ultimate Central Asian adventure.

8 Simple Steps for Making the Most of Europe s Low Cost Airlines Have you booked a bargain flight with one of Europe’s low cost airlines only to be stung by one extra charge after another? Flying can be one of the cheapest ways to get around Europe, but only if you know how to make the most of the airlines’ rules and avoid the tricks that bump up the cost. Jo Fitzsimons shows you seven simple steps for making the most of Europe’s low cost airlines.

11 Budget European Destinations We talk a lot about budget destinations for a long-term or RTW trip, and Europe always seems to get a raw deal. But if you’re planning an RTW trip, don’t automatically leave Europe off the list. Here are 11 cities in 5 countries where it’s still possible to travel inexpensively.

Travel Hacking for Dummies Many travellers become fanatical about travel hacking, but let’s face it, not everyone has a credit card. So, does this mean that travel hacking is only for those of a certain class? In a word, no!

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