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SpiceJet Super Sale

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  • In each Agency ID, The minimum amount to be uploaded is of Rs.50 lakhs only and the maximum amount to be uploaded is Rs.10 Crore only.
  • No Deposit Incentive or interest shall be payable by SpiceJet on the amount uploaded through Credit Card(s).
  • Only such Credit Card(s) shall be accepted which are issued in India.
  • The amount shall be uploaded in the Agency ID after deduction of .75% for above the amount of Rs.5 crore for each upload.
  • Agency cannot charge back the uploaded amount under this arrangement.
  • Any such charge back of uploaded amount by Agency shall attract charges alongwith interest as may be deemed fit by SpiceJet.
  • Agency shall keep indemnified SpiceJet against any/all claim and/or damages arising out of or due to misuse of its credit card or Agency ID.
  • Notwithstanding anything, these terms and conditions are subject to change any time without prior notice and at the sole discretion of SpiceJet.

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