Aug 31 2017

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Bond Market Chart

The bond market is the electronic market where investors buy and sell both government and corporate securities. These securities are most often in the form of bonds. The bond market is decentralized because most countries lack common exchanges such as equity. future markets, and commodity markets. The reasoning for this is because no two bonds are exactly the same. This leads to some degree of risk for the investor.

Bonds are generally safer to trade than stocks. However, no investment is without its share of risks. In the bond market, when interest rates fall, the bonds lose value. If a company that issued the bonds folds up, the bond is defaulted and the investor loses money. To actively trade on the bond market with as little risk as possible, most investors want to gauge the market in some way. This is where bond market charts come in. Bond market charts track trends in the market. They do this by tracking the flow of certain bond prices over a long period of time. These charts allow investors to make an educated assessment of which bonds are doing well.

Bond market charts can display averages over the course of 10 days, 60 days, 90 days, or even 270 days. Charts rate bonds by showing things like earnings information, closing prices, and other standard market information. Bond market charts can be found online and are posted by a number of financial institutions and brokers. The best bonds will have a ranking of A. These bonds are considered to be secure and the least likely to default. Government issued bonds fall into this category because they are backed by tax money. Average bonds will be given the rank of B and may be further split into Ba or BB. These bonds are commonly considered to be high risk. Junk bonds always have a ranking of C and are usually close to defaulting.

Depending on which chart is used, some bonds will have different rankings. The problem may be due to out-of-date information. When using a bond market chart, always make sure it relies on current information. Also, the longer a bond is out on the market, the greater its chances of defaulting due to exposure from current market trends.

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