Sep 9 2017

Best Stein am Rhein, Switzerland Tips, Things to Do and Travel Guide #cheap #trips

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Stein am Rhein Restaurants

Let me be honest once more: I did not want to sit at this reaturant, cause it looks exactly how a tourist trap should look.But the grandma convinced me and the rest of the crew to take some rest and having at least a glass of wine here. and so it was the full meal.Good choice, nothing you will dream for the rest of your life, but pretty.

Stein am Rhein Local Customs

The Coat of Arms of Stein am Rhein is of St. George and the Dragon. As I walked Stein am Rhein I found this Coat of Arms on many old buildings, fountains and even on manhole covers.The Holy St. George is the patron saint of Stein am Rhein and the Benedictine monastery in Stein am Rhein is dedicated to St. GeorgeLocated on a bright red background is.

Stein am Rhein Warnings and Dangers


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Stein am Rhein Tourist Traps

Swiss pasta.

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I’m not that proud of being italian, you know. but the few things we are supposed to do better are: pizza, pasta & mafia.

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