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Braunau am Inn Things to Do

Nothing at or around the house indicates that Hitler was living there. The text on the stone reads. in English: FOR PEACE FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACYNEVER AGAIN FASCISMMILLIONS OF DEATHS ADMONISHWhat a difference: In Gori, Georgia, the birthplace of Josip Wissaronovich Dzhugashvili aka Stalin is preserved the way that a sorts of temple is built around.

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No Hitler souvenirs

by lotharlerch Updated Jul 8, 2009


Braunau does not make many attempts to sell itself as a touristic destination – their possible target group will disappear in a few years simply due to the biological process. And all of Braunau tries to show that what Austria imagines to be “political correctness”. Therefore it is absolutely impossible to purchase there any “Hitler souvenir”, I have not even seen picture postcards of the Hitler house.

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