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Mar 21, 2009, 8:29 AM

Has any one had poor treatment from Best at Travel recently. I booked my family of 6 to travel on the 4th April 2009 on an early flight to Dubai last May 2008.

Emirates confirmed my booking in the summer and gave me a flight reference.

Having asked repeatedly this week, where are my tickets, I was told the lady who deals with it is out at the moment we will ring back; but never did.

I was then informed after I insisted speaking to a senior manager from Best at Travel that Emirates had over booked the early flight and my family was now on a later flight.

When I subsequently phoned Emirates I find out my original booking was cancelled by Best at Travel and I had from March 11th two new bookings sending 3 of my family on the early flight and 3 on the later flight.

When I once again tackled Best at Travel I was told it was within their terms and conditions to make the changes, accept the flights or cancel the holiday.

I was getting somewhat annoyed by this time – when would I have found out about the flights, if I had not persistently kept phoning Best at travel.

The Best at Travel finally apologised for their mistake and my family are all on the later flight –

which will ruin my first days holiday.

I informed the Best at Travel manager that I would inform all I could about his company s shabby treatment.

I have also written to Rita Sharma, a director of Best at Travel,not to claim any compensation but telling her of my disgust about her company s values and standards. Was it neglect or caused by Best at Travel hanging on to my £13k as long as possible and nuts to the customer.

I don t believe any of the above was Emirates fault.

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