Feb 13 2017

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best at travel

Never had any experience with them, so can t help there.

Just be sure to read the terms and conditions VERY carefully. It seems that many posters complaining about websites would have made their lives easier if they d just had a thorough read through of the terms and conditions before making a purchase.

We booked our holiday with Best at travel earlier this year.

This was my biggest mistake and the worst experience of our travel lives !

I guess you may get away with them if nothing goes wrong with your holiday before. during or after.

But be aware – if they do mess up – they mess up big and totally not interested in solving their own mistakes.

The holiday we had – was not the one we chose. and paid for – but Best at travel interpretation of what our holiday should have been like according to what we have paid.

They managed to waste 8 weeks of our lives solving nothing.

I guess it was their strategy from the start – try to waste as much time as they could – so there is not enough time to go to arbitrage as we were faced with pre-departure dispute.

I am not going to tell you all 8 weeks of this nightmare but here are some of Best at Travel pearls which may give an idea of what they are:

“ we will upgrade you from a SEA VIEW VILLA ( we originally booked) to a GARDEN VILLA”

– Brilliant. I just cant resist this upgrade.

It took us another 3 or 4 weeks to explain Customer Service girl and her manager that it cannot be possible considered “ an upgrade”

only to hear in return. “ well, in our opinion – it is a brilliant free upgrade!!”

“ we had to cancel your original stay at this hotel due to unforeseen circumstances. The hotel is having planned building works during your stay”

So, to sum up – that is UNFORESEEN PLANNED BUILDING WORKS- have you ever heard of them before.

“ we can assure you that no further disruptions to your holidays will be during your stay “/

Ok, could you then please add a compensation paragraph in case there are further disruptions. ”

Reply – NO, we cannot compensate you if there are further disruptions.

“ we did not cancel your holiday package. we simply cannot provide you with the hotel stay you booked. “

And loads of other ones. which I am sure will stay with me forever.

Other more complex problems we had:

-totally ignoring Travel Regulations;

– customer service – it appears that basic listening and comprehending skills were not present at a time.

They are bonded by ABTA.

But let me tell you this – ABTA will not do much for you other than tell you how to go to arbitrage court and how much it will cost you.

I actually do not understand now what is the purpose of ABTA existence?

They do not solve disputes but provide rather vague guidance, which any travel regulation will provide you with anyway. In addition you have to wait something like 28 days reply from them for something you already knew from diy reading.

Oh well, stay away from best at a travel and you live happily ever after !

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