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Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA)

The Bermuda Tourism Authority is an independent, forward-thinking tourism enterprise – dynamic, entrepreneurial and vibrant. We are the singular voice that continually evolves Bermuda as a world-class tourism destination. We are partners with the Government of Bermuda and its people to grow tourism and create jobs.

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Superyacht Tourism

It’s a priority of the Bermuda Tourism Authority to secure superyacht tourism as a legacy benefit of the America’s Cup. If you missed our public information sessions, watch our CEO Kevin Dallas deliver a Bermuda report from the The Superyacht Intelligence Agency, along with our team’s recommendations for winning this audience going forward. Kevin’s slides are also available here.

Beach Economy Vision

We’ve created an exciting future for Bermuda’s public beaches that will improve the beach experience for visitors and locals alike. Have a gander at our Beach Economy Vision and see what the future looks like.

Sailing Events Calendar 2018

Building on the legacy of Bermuda’s sailing heritage and her acclaimed hosting of the 35th America’s Cup, the 2018 Bermuda Sailing Calendar is turning out to be one of the most exciting in the region. Use the link to download your copy and check back often for updates; discussions are underway to add more sailing events for 2018 and 2019.

World Triathlon Bermuda

Bermuda hosts its first World Triathlon Series, beginning with an island festival April 24th. The main event is April 28th when our hometown World Champion Flora Duffy takes to the race course along Front Street. From Wednesday to Sunday both amateurs and elite athletes, as well as volunteers and spectators from all over the world, are welcome to be a part of the festivities.

Tourism Investment Act

This new legislation is packed with benefits for small business owners who run restaurants and tourism attractions. Get valuable insight from our investment division page, including the criteria required to take advantage of this opportunity. We also show you how to download your own version of the Tourism Investment Act 2017.

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