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Bed bug encounters more likely during busy travel season, experts warn

IF YOU’RE heading north for the European or American summer, this nifty item will help combat what’s likely to be lurking in your hotel room.

Horrific bedbugs invasion at swanky Manhattan hotel 5:00

Birthday Bed Bugs in the holiday mattress was what this guy encountered on his birthday break in this Manhattan landmark hotel

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ARE you one of the thousands of Australians escaping winter and heading to Europe or the United States for the northern summer?

In addition to packing up that travel size shampoo, sunscreen and beach gear, you might want to bring along a small torch and your own sleeping sack.

Fox News reports if you re flying the friendly skies or shacking up in a hotel during this peak travel season, be warned that there s a much greater chance of encountering bed bugs, according to experts from the US National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

Bed bugs are very hardy, elusive pests, making them difficult to control, especially inside travel accommodations where they can spread from room-to-room, the NPMA s vice president of public affairs, Cindy Mannes, said.

The seams of your hotel room mattress will provide one of the biggest clues your room is infested with bedbugs. Picture: AP/Terry Gilliam Source:AP

Given the growing pest control concern around bed bugs and the fact that they are so easily spread through travel, it s important that people properly protect themselves now that peak travel season is here.

So how can you prevent getting bitten by one of these pesky pests or, even worse accidentally bringing them home with you?

The NPMA recommends bringing a torch along to help you inspect any crevices or hotel spaces on the road.

Bedbugs: the eternal enemy of holiday-makers. Source:News Corp Australia

Before you unpack, thoroughly check the bed sheets, mattress seams and box springs for any telltale signs of bedbug activity: dark, mottled spots, shed skins and the bugs themselves.

Storing your suitcase in a large, plastic garbage bag may also prevent bedbugs from finding their way into your luggage and going for a ride back home.

If you see any signs at all, vacate the room immediately and notify hotel staff. Consider switching to another property if management isn t willing to do a thorough inspection of your next room.

Once you get back, don t just put everything back in your drawers.

No one wants to deal with something like this during their holiday. Picture: AP Source:AP

Travellers should consider vacuuming suitcases inside and out and washing all clothes in hot water to kill any bed bugs or eggs.

The bottom line is that vigilance is key to bed bug prevention, so it s important for people to be conscientious of all surroundings, Mannes said.

Bed bugs are also found in other well trafficked places including retail stores and public transportation so it never hurts to take a quick peek at your seat before settling in.

This article originally appeared in Fox News and was reproduced with permission.

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